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Too many of us are too hard on ourselves, always alert to that devilish voice whispering “you should be farther along in life". Smother that voice right now by reading this quote by Booker T. Washington:

"I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. "

What enviable wisdom!

Obstacles, impediments, interruptions. Have you ever had to retrieve a sick child from school when you're working with the direction and the intensity of a tornado? Yet I don't think he meant kind of interruption.

No, I think he meant much bigger obstacles. Obstacles with a capitol O. Like starting a business with no money. Or no skills. Like disabilities, or serious illnesses.

Every business person should take a look now and then at how far they have come, instead of how far they have to go. It's like looking back at the hill you just jogged up. I do this every time I have to re-do my resume. It's a natural time to reflect on what you've learned, how you've grown.

Get a boost as a business owner by evaluating more than the profits you've earned. How about determination, and courage, and wisdom? Those don't flow from the water fountain. Consider the knowledge you've gained - often the hard way - and the priceless result of real, gritty, experience. You could probably add a few important words to the popular Just Do It motto. How about Just-Figure-Out-a-Way-To-Do-It!

Even if you haven't reached the goals you once set (and they might need to be reevaluated), are you a better businessperson today? Reward yourself for your diligence! Do you understand your work habits and what motivates you? Do you concentrate and focus better, making fewer dumb mistakes? Once my boss had to stop the presses at a big city newspaper because I had missed a 2-inch tall headline in a multi-thousand dollar double spread ad that read “Granding Opening!" (My obstacle was apparently stupidity thicker than a brick wall that day. ) Today I REALLY focus when I'm proofreading.

Of great importance, have you learned to appreciate that tomorrow will be a better day if you're having a bad one today?

If you've succeeded despite many obstacles, give yourself a boost by looking back. It shouldn't always come through a cup of coffee or in a candy bar wrapper or in bonus check. It should come from within you!

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