Inspiration from a Surprising New Discovery

Kenneth Little

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Inspiration for a better future lies in a secret experience from your past which will energize your present and clearly define your future.

You've been busy lately. You've sought for a new direction, because for the first time in your life you really want the years ahead to count. My hope for you is, as you read of my experience, you will be inspired to take a similar path and make your future years the most meaning-filled of your life.

In keeping with the biblical direction to “Ask and ye shall receive" I have recently given time to finding real meaning in my life, eventhough I should have completed this task years ago.

I've made an amazing discovery.

Your life, and mine, is filled with a series of what I have called Refining Moments. In the middle of these is one KRM or Key Refining Moment. When discovered this KRM brings a flood of understanding of the meaning for your life and enables you to release a special talent to be a blessing to others.

In my morning prayer time in the forest at the back of our home I had been asking the Lord, for some months, to reveal the meaning and purpose for my life. Once I was prepared to wait forever for an answer, it came. In a most unexpected way. Some have said that you should be careful what you pray because sooner or later you will get what you pray for. I did.

I was reminded of an experience I had just after my fourth birthday.

Filled with expectation my mother was taking me to the State Fair. A visit to the Animal Nursery was promised and once again I'm back there, getting off the tram, with a beaming smile, being led by the hand to the ticket office where my Mother purchases our tickets.

I can see the bulls in the main arena and the colored tents in sideshow alley. I hear the drums summoning patrons to new and exciting experiences inside the tents.

And now I see a group of kids. Some in wheelchairs. Some standing. But all with bodies twisting and twitching in ways I had never seen before. Noticing my rising alarm, my Mother tells me they are the special kids from the Spastic Center.

As she explains that they will always be that way I begin to sob. Buckets of tears cascade down my little pink cheeks as I think of their suffering. I fall to the ground sobbing even harder unable to control myself.

I feel a pain deep on the inside and I want to get away from this place. I plead with my Mother to take me home. It seems to take a long time but eventually she walks me back to the tram terminus.

As we begin the journey home one thought floods my mind.

I want to help make them better.

As I return, across 53 years of life experience, from my time of reflection on the past, I realize that my central desire is still to help make them better.

I havn't done it yet but I want to. There is a fire in my desire.

I have been a bank teller, an economist, a teacher, and a youth worker but still I havn't gotten started. I'm sad I've yet to start. I guess that's a common experience for a babyboomer. However I am glad I discovered why I'm here on this planet.

In this Key Refining Moment I have understood my reason for being and the only action that will add real meaning to my life.

I have been inspired to fulfill my calling to “help make them better".

You can have your own Key Refining Moment. In earnest prayer ask and you will receive. Once you've received make sure to follow through and complete your special calling.

You will get inspiration for a lifestyle improvement . Use your secret experience from your past and it will energize your present and clearly define your future with wave upon wave of meaning.

You will finally have an answer to the age-old question, “What is the meaning of life?"

Kenneth Little is a success coach and the publisher of a re-released classic, in a revealing ebook, that will show you how to get the best of health and wealth out of all your future years. True success will be yours no matter what your age.

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