Every Man Dies; Not Every Man Really Lives

Linda Salazar

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The title of this newsletter was taken from a line spoken by the character of Sir Wallace just before his death in the movie, “Braveheart. " I recently rented that movie and when I heard these words it touched the core of my being realizing how incredibly true that statement is.

Every one of us on this planet will die, but not every one of us will have lived as full of a life as we might have been capable of living. Too many people in the later years of their life talk about all the things they wished they had done that are too late to do now. Given the opportunity to do things over again they would have taken more risks, been less afraid of failing, traveled more, lived more from a place of their own truth instead of someone else’s, played harder, worked less.

What about you? If tomorrow were your last day on this planet, could you honestly say you’ve lived your life to the fullest? Are there things within your reach that you could do that you keep putting off? Are you avoiding going after your dream simply because you’re afraid of not having it come true? Are you laughing enough? Or do you find yourself taking yourself and life too seriously? Are you sleepwalking through your days missing out on the everyday beauty that surrounds you? Do you always need to be right? Are you standing in your truth without worrying about what others think?

You always have a choice to approach each and every day with new enthusiasm, trying something new, changing up your routine. The fact that you’ve woken up and you’re feet hit the floor is reason to celebrate. YOU’RE ALIVE! Why not start your day excited about that, and then see what you can do that allows you to feel like you’ve lived a fuller life when that day comes to an end. The more enthusiasm you extend from yourself the more opportunities will present themselves for you to grab onto.

You came into this world with nothing and you will leave this world with nothing. Make the time you have in between the two everything and leave with no regrets.

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