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Being My Own Boss Vs. Getting A Job


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<h2>JOB: Just-Over-Broke. </h2>
In a split second I discovered something very valuable and detrimental to my success as an entrepreneur. A quick story about how I came to this conclusion. A few of years ago I worked in the transportation industry for nine years. In the beginning I was happy with the job like most people would be. I was able to pay my bills, purchase a few items such as a nice car and pay for it in full; like many people have done in order to get to work on time over 35 plus miles. I was able to

buy some things that I liked, making approximately $42,000 a year which took me 5 years to do. After leaving that job I was out of work for a bit and looking for some alternatives, something real that would be more lucrative to my efforts. It was my observation that struck me, while in orientation for a J. O. B. I was seeking. The look in peoples eyes spoke with clarity. They all had the look as if they were brainwashed and satisfied with the idea that this was all there was and they were cool with it. It's like having a conditioned belief that the more something is dangerous or hazardous

that the job is somehow worth it. Especially in the warehouse Industry that will give you all the growth opportunity pitches and preach OSHA requirements and safety, yet offer you crumbs while exposing you to hazardous environments. I suddenly remembered all that I had learned over the past year. Having a intense desire to study success and internet marketing made me aware of this.

It was truly unreal. . .insane conformity is what I call it. . . just wasn't for me in terms of value. I started asking myself real questions. Like what would you consider to be worth your time? Long story short I walked out. . lol. I firmly believe and place a higher value on my time working smarter V. S. harder will always be the best choice and the most self fulfilling advice I could give anyone in my book. This is how I found the Internet.

The Internet has proven to be an alternative to working a regular Job. It has also proven to be a reliable money source regardless of economic conditions to thousands of people. If you put in the work that is required then you will be fine and see results. Please don't misunderstand me some things will take a lot of work and smooth out overtime if you are consistent some things a lot less work. The Internet will still cut in half the time spread up against any traditional form of work without blinking an eye. As a gateway, major corporations if not all and use the Internet as first choice in their marketing strategies. There is still a gap with local businesses that can be opportunities. That is a serious no brainer.

What seemed like a lifetime turned out to be a split second is when I made my mind up and asked myself the following additional questions.

What am I thinking?

Will this job help me reach my goals?

How long will it take to get paid? (everybody says this)

How long will it be before I get a break for lunch?. . . . ;-)

Do I even get paid for lunch?. . . (the kicker)

Will the supervisor be a jerk?

I decided I would rather not find out, enough said. . .

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