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Top 10 ways to make your life easier


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We are constantly talking about that in order to make life more peaceful, you just need to stop complicating it.

1. Work-hobby

Nothing complicates your life more than the constant compulsion to get up and to go to work, while your heart tells you that you have to do something else. The work that you do not like, do not allow you to grow. So do not be afraid to leave it and find something that you really need.

2. Laughter

Laughter - a very powerful medicine. It relieves stress, helps to reconcile with yourself and others, has stoked enthusiasm and helps to overcome crises. Most of us are too busy to laugh and too serious to smile. It is scary. Remember: if you didn't laught today, then you didn't live today.

3. TV

It is better to sell it. This is nothing but a monster that's wasting your time. Of course, we should not turn into a Neanderthal, but we shouldn't become slaves of the TV, it doesn't worth it. Watch it only if is absolutely necessary.

4. News

Most of them - a source of depression, patterns of violence and lawlessness, and complete utopia. So why abuse them? All you need to hear, you will hear about it anyway. Instead, read a book or listen to music.

5. Silence

Our world is filled with sounds, images, words, people, cars . . . We have less and less time to be alone with ourselfs. Get in the habit to arrange a “time of silence" - this time to sit, think, be quiet, be alone, put everything in its place, find harmony.

6. Minimalism

Get rid of all the extra things that you don't need. Do not clutter up your living space - a mess in the house becomes a cause of stress, anxiety.

7. Technology

They, too, are our oppressors. Unplug the phone in the evenings, check you emailonce every three days - become freer.

8. Immediacy

Routine - on the one hand, gives a sense of comfort and stability. On the other hand - will sink you. Each person should just occasionally change the situation. Take the execution of your own desires, not someone else's orders. It gives vitality.

9. Sleep

What could be simpler - get enough sleep? Do not sit at work late at night - do the work tomorrow, do not watch the latest film - you'll see it some other time. Set yourself to sleep, go to bed

10. Simplicity

No one believe that this approach can improve lives, but this is really so - gradually slowing the pace, starting with small things, you can do more.



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