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Old Age Is To Understand The Life of Man - How To Enjoy Retirement

G S Virk

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What is old age? The last part of human life is old age. It begins with the deterioration of physical abilities such as sight, hearing, walking, etc. forgetfulness occurs with age. The good memory of the past begins to fade in old age. Problems may arise in remembering the names of relatives and friends in old age.

What is old age? Many perceive old age by measuring the level of physical activity and mental health in the company. Many who suffer from old age continues to receive, it is not desirable, and I do not know how you love. They wanted to live long, but do not want to go to the elderly.

See the fear of old age is for those who wanted to continue the exercise and mental health of young faces in the society and does not correspond to the stage of old age. Seeing the old with the fear is for those who do not learn to live the simple life and the values of silence. Old age is for them continue to remember his old days and do not accept this life and its benefits.

Old age can reduce mental acuity. Old age can bring physical weakness. Old age gives an opportunity to examine itself and its enclosures. Old age gives the possibility to realize the entire physical world is temporary. Old age gives the possibility to realize the visionary life is eternal. Those who accept old age with a smile becomes ripe for the heavenly life that awaits them. Other

Old age gives the possibility to realize the true meaning of the proverb: “When there is no way for us to better lie down and enjoy it. " Those who really learn to forgive those who hurt him, to live an old age peaceful. Aging is an opportunity to learn to live in the silence that is the source of eternal peace. Aging is an opportunity to prepare to go to the house of God, the creator.

It is generally a lack of confidence in old age, especially if the elderly can not take care of them financially. They are in the hands of their children. An old man who does not trust the children, can never really trust anyone else. Confidence in what you want, continue to do so, and it will take you wherever you go. In case of disaster, trust in the Lord is the solution

Those who accept the situation and put his selfishness in the Lord and do practice meditation and prayer, life is still fresh in the old . Follow the following strategy to old age live in happiness.

1. Eat simple foods and do some exercise.
2. Always keep the mind occupied with work social preference.
3.become free from old enmity and hatred of those who have deceived you in the young age based forgiving heart.
4. Practice to avoid expressing grievances and criticize. Give a smile to all who come to meet him. Your all physical action is the result of your thoughts in mind, once it became a habit, you feel at all in the gay neighborhood, even in the worst situations. .
5. Practice the day early and go to bed with three big laughs. It will help the glands to secrete the hormone stay fresh.
6. Practice to study every day something spiritual, and purpose of human life that is beyond your thoughts of wisdom.
7. Practice breathing to meditate on that is steady source of energy and main source of life. It will relax in sleep, just to feel your breath with awareness raised. regular in prayer to God / the Lord according to your faith. During the prayer asks for nothing. Just commit to unconditional surrender and the spiritual energy demand to support fate and situation everything given to him.

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Senior Citizens Enjoy a Florida Retirement Community
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