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Conscious Living Expands Your World


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Are you seeing all the gifts in your life? Sometimes we fail to see gifts that come into our lives because we forget we are responsible for how our world looks. Actually, you get to choose how you see things-good or bad.

Recently a new neighbor moved in next door. The family not only covered their yard with junk, but also mine. They played music after 1:00 AM right outside my in-home office. Their dog and kids played and did other things in my yard because they built a fenced-in deck, leaving no place for them to be in their own yard!

What would you do?

I tried sending them lots of love. I envisioned them as I wanted them to be and me being peaceful. I talked to them, which solved individual incidents but had no effect on their perpetual behaviors. Ah! Then I remembered. . . Everything happens for a reason.

We came to this lifetime to learn particular lessons. Sometimes we forget, or maybe have not yet figured out, what we came to learn. For me, this lesson has been in my face lately. I have been struggling for months now with what I just learned is hypothyroidism. I have a goiter because my thyroid is working so very hard in an extra attempt to work as Nature intended.

Why tell you this? Because the reason one gets a goiter or hypothyroidism has to do with a failure of self expression. Duh! I have not been speaking up for myself in many arenas, so the Universe, having been whispering to me for many months (hindsight is always 20-20), decided to get louder. When I didn't “get it " with the physical condition, the Universe brought in this raucous, seemingly thoughtless neighbor.

See the gift? I could have gone on being angry and frustrated about this neighbor situation. Instead, I see the priceless gift. She came into my life so I can practice (and get really good at) expressing what I need when I need to.

Okay! I get it now! What am I going to do about it? This weekend I am going to talk with my neighbor, get to know her, and speak up for myself. Then I am going to do the same in other areas of my life where I have been keeping things to myself.

What annoying things and people are actually gifts in your world?

The bottom line is only you can change your life. . . when you are ready to do so. Change comes from within. Knowing the programs running your subconscious mind allows you to override what does not work and replace it with programs that do work. Discover the basics of conscious living in Ali Bierman's ebook What You Don't Know You Don't Know Runs You. Grab your complimentary copy now at


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