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3 Vital Keys to Step Out of Anxiety and Hurt - How Do I Build a Happier Me That is Not So Needy?

Bettina Langerfeldt

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Human needs hurt. When our needs in any given area of life are not met, it can be devastating. Just by taking a look at psychotherapists waiting rooms or the huge amounts of “happiness pills" that are consumed daily we can see how needy people are, -and how difficult it is for some to live a happy and content life.

Hurt demands attention. And people who are conscious of their hurting needs are prone to meditate about them throughout their day. Ultimately all their life starts to evolve around their unmet needs and they fall into the trap of self-centeredness without realizing it.

When you give too much attention to your unmet needs, you automatically magnify them. After a while they'll seem so huge to you that it will seem impossible for you to ever have that requirement in your life satisfied.

Furthermore, a needy person will erroneously start looking toward others to satisfy their necessities. They will develop a bad habit of depending on other people for their happiness. Under these circumstances disappointments are inevitable, and the downward spiral begins.

If you are caught up in yearning to have your needs met and you are hurting because you still haven't found the perfect person to accomplish that for you, then I've got good news for you today.

First of all, don't depend on any other person to meet your needs, because there is nobody out there who will never disappoint you. Human beings are fallible, you know. All of them.

Second, turn your frustrated life over to the one who lovingly designed it. You might not be aware of it, but that state of mind you are in is not what God wants for you. And He is the only one who can fully meet those needs of yours. He wants you to live a happy and fulfilled life. He has a perfect and exciting plan for your life that exceeds everything you could ever imagine for yourself.

Third, Jesus died so that you could become free of anything that is holding you back. And that victim mentality sure is. Right now you can make Him the Lord of your life and He will show you how to change your deprived and pitiful life into a power house of love that is able to replenish your needs and those of others.

Stop being a taker and, by His grace, become a giver.

If you are hurting with feelings of anxiety and unmet needs in your life, I'd love to help you! Your situation can change! Go to and get immediate access to my free e-course “7 Steps to Consistently Change Your Life" and my free e-book that will help you develop your God-given talents to find and fulfill your purpose in life.

From Bettina Langerfeldt, who teaches people how to pursue their God-given gifts and talents by designing their own education with self-directed learning.

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