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To Receive More, Make Giving With Love Your Habit


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Constant motion is a physical law of nature. Nothing stands still even if it wants to. In every moment, every aspect of the physical world is moving. Electrons are making quantum leaps, thoughts are travelling beyond their origins, chemicals are recombining in our bodies keeping us alive, and planets are travelling round countless stars, in countless galaxies.

It is a ceaseless flowing, the basis of all life, life as energy travelling in waves, and it is the essence of our being. Like a river flowing or the tides of the ocean flowing, or the seasons flowing one into the other, we too are flowing, we cannot stop it, when we try, by holding on to something, or resisting something, we fail because we are resisting our true nature.

Resistance and holding on is nothing more than an expression of fear and fear is nothing more than an absence of love. Wherever there is love, there is no fear. With love, there is no holding on. With love we let go and life flows through us again. This is why when we fall in love, or are filled with love for a child, or have discovered something that we love to do, we are so totally absorbed by it and intensely happy because of it. Love is appreciation, gratitude, caring, and connection with our life force. It is something that flows through us freely, it is pure, and is happily given. The more we love, the more things flow through us, the healthier, the happier, and the more abundant we are.

If your aim is to experience more abundance, to receive more, then make your habit one of giving. But give with love. When you learn to do this, the physical laws of nature will have to respond to your flowing energy, and it will respond by flowing more back to you, it cannot help it. It is the law. Do not be afraid to give for fear of lack. When you are allowing the flow of life to move through you with love, there is no lack. Lack only exists in the closed minds of fear. If you are experiencing lack, it is a result of your fear, resistance to your flow.

The fastest way to start dissolving your resistance is to give with love. By doing this, your flow will automatically increase and so will your receiving, but you must make your giving with love a habit. The more you do, the more abundantly your life force will flow, and the more you will receive, to give even more.

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About Me - I have spent many years in the study of personal development. Diagnosed with leaukemia 11 years ago. I used the power of meditation, autosuggestion and visualization to heal myself. I knew I could do this because I realised it was the way I was using my mind in the first place that made me ill. For four years prior to the illness I had been performing in a piece about ‘blood going bad’. I literally focussed my brain on that negative suggestion - not realising that I was manifesting it in my body. This was a right of passage that taught me about the importance of focussing my mind on what I wanted, not on what I did not want. Since then I have dedicated my life to understanding the power of the mind and how to develop and harness that power to positive effect. Our mind is the most precious resource for creating the life we want and whatever way we work it - works!


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