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Freedom is Not Free!


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I was only in jail for about 30 minutes, but it was the longest 30 minutes I have ever spent, etc.

It was a cold, snowy night, and me and my girlfriend were going home after visiting some friends. It had been snowing for about three hours, and driving conditions were getting worse that night. My girlfriend was driving that night, and when she hit the brakes for a red light, the car spun around and slid into the intersection, where we stopped!

We then noticed flashing red lights coming from a police car, who was in the area, and apparently saw what happened. The police pulled us over and gave my girlfriend a warning, and came over to the passenger side, and he asked to see my driver's license, and went back to the squad car to check things out.

We waited a few minutes, and the officer came over to my side of the car, and asked me to get out. . . that there was a warrant out for my arrest and that I was under arrest! I was shocked and I couldn't imagine why! I was hand-cuffed and placed in the back seat of the police car, and taken downtown, where I was booked, etc. My girlfriend followed us downtown to bail me out of jail.

On the way downtown, I learned that I had gotten a ticket the previous year, for being late on my registration tags on the car. I remember now that incident when I got the ticket. . . I thought it was a stupid ticket, and I just tore it up and forgot about it! I understand the police keep these records for over a year in the computer, and that's why I was arrested.

After arriving downtown, I was escorted into this holding cell about the size of a shoe box, and there was already another fellow in the cell when I got there. I could see the booking office from the cell, and a few minutes later, the police brought in another fellow, who was all bloodied from a beating the police had given him. He was still resisting arrest, and the police continued to beat him with sticks, and he had blood running down his face and about the head!

It was a scary sight, and the police brought the fellow and threw him in the same cell, with me and the other fellow! I couldn't believe it, and now there were three of us in that little holding cell. Needless to say, I was quite nervous, being in the same cell with these two men! At one point, I thought the two men were going to go at it, as they stared at each other, etc. I was terribly worried about my safety at this point!

Thirty minutes in the same cell with these two thugs, seemed like 30 hours, and finally I heard a police officer call my name. I would be getting out, now that my girlfriend made bail for me, and I couldn't leave soon enough! This was the first time I had lost my freedom, and I didn't every want to lose it again!

Throughout the years, millions of American's have paid the ultimate price for freedom. . . with their lives! World War I; World War II; the Korean War; the disgraceful Viet Nam war; the Gulf War; and now in Iraq and Afganistan. No. . . freedom is NOT free!

A few benefits of freedom include:

FREEDOM is all about hope and opportunity. . . for a better tomorrow for the citizens of the United States.

FREEDOM allows its citizens in the United States the freedom of speech, and the free exchange of ideas, and has made the United States the most powerful country in the world.

FREEDOM Allows its citizens to criticize the President of the United States, and all government officials, without the fear of reprimand by the government.

FREEDOM allows the citizens to run for public office. . . or not to run for office. . . and do as we choose.

FREEDOM allows any U. S. citizen to succeed in life. . . or to fail. . . and to do as he or she chooses.

FREEDOM allows us to marry who we want. . . and when we want.

FREEDOM allows us to have as many kids as we want. . . and when we want. . . or not have any kids at all, etc.

FREEDOM allows us all to own a gun. . . to defend ourselves if need be.

FREEDOM allows us all to exercise religious freedom. . . or not exercise that right at all.

FREEDOM allows us to build a website, where we can express our ideas. . . and show the world our creations.

FREEDOM allows us to burn the U. S. Flag if we choose to do so. . . or show respect to the Flag and not burn it at all.

The disciples of the devil. . . Hitler; Sadaam; Noriega; Milosivic and others, cannot be allowed to rule and spread their hate among the innocent people of the world! They must be dealt with! The United States has the where-with-all to deal with this evil. . . but there will be bloodshed. . . and American lives will be lost in the future!

Yes. . . millions of American's have given their lives for the right to be FREE! And, in the future, American's will continue to give their lives for one of our most precious possessions. . . FREEDOM! Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

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