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The Sky is the Limit

Elsabe Smit

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I have recently had one of those moments where the little globe in my head popped and became a massive chandelier that waved at me, and I experienced an amazing moment. I followed this up by breaking an inch-thick piece of wood with one hand, but that is another story.

I want to take a step back and give you some background from quantum physics - don't worry, it will be easy.

In the 17th century, when scientists became aware of atoms, they believed that atoms looked like billiard balls. They also believed that different combinations of atoms formed different substances, and therefore that atoms are the particles that form the universe. All we needed to do was identify all the different types of particles, and we would have mastered the Universe.

Since then physics have evolved and in the 20th century been replaced by quantum physics. Scientists now understand that there are in fact no particles. There are only waves. These waves surround us and we are not aware of them, because we cannot see them.

As people we have consciousness and this is where the magic starts. Our consciousness is also invisible and intangible, but it is real. For example, you have had experiences where you think of someone and not long after that person contacts you. Or I tell you NOT to think of a green elephant. What did you just see clearly in your mind's eye? Now you know that elephants are not green. Then where did that clear image of a green elephant come from? That is your consciousness.

Now imagine the Universe existing of millions of waves. This is not far-fetched, because it has been proven scientifically. We just understand it better when we imagine how it would look.

These waves are like roadmaps that contain information on everything that exists now, everything that has ever existed and everything that we will discover to exist. The waves are like the biggest library on earth and the internet in one. Where these waves cross, masses of information are stored. Because there are many waves, there are many crossing points ‘like a gigantic bowl of spaghetti.

We can tap into this massive repository of information by finding the information. This is where the magic happens. Any information that we want or need exists somewhere in a wave but the information only becomes real, tangible and useful when we consciously look at the map and search for the information.

For example, I want to get information about adoption so that I can write a book on it. The book does not exist and the information does not exist. However, adoption is part of the Universe and there are many people that have experienced adoption in many different ways - either as parents or as adopted children or as siblings of an adopted child and so on. There are many facets to adoption, for example the legal aspects of adoptions in the same or different countries, the emotional impact of the process on everyone involved, the financial implications and so on. This information is different for every person that has ever experienced it.

If I now want to write a book about adoption, I can put together a mind map like I have done above, and suddenly parts of the quantum spaghetti look different. I can then carefully pick out those parts of the quantum spaghetti that I want to combine in a different way, and put them in a separate bowl. Then I can arrange them in a way that is unique, because no-one else will do it in exactly the same way. And there is my unique book about adoption, the book that many other people have been searching for.

I have been aware and understood this process for a while now, so that is nothing new. But the knowledge was in my mind, not in my heart or in my soul.

I have also been aware for about the past year of a massive change in the direction of my life, and because the picture is still emerging, I have recently been unsure of what to do, where to go and whether and how it will work out.

This is where I had this moment of absolute clarity that took my breath away.

I realised that any wave I choose to catch is there for me to keep, and there are plenty of waves.

We have all had experiences where someone told us that we are responsible for our own lives, and the choices are there for us to make. Many times in the past when I heard that, I felt some anxiety, because this was too big for me. I did not want to have full responsibility for my life or my choices. It was easier to sit back and let things happen to me while someone or something else is in charge, even though I knew that everything that happened to me was my choice and my creation.

This moment that I experienced was like the Universe placing me in the biggest flower garden that could exist, and saying to me “pick any of the flowers, as many or as few as you want, and arrange them in any way you want. Or just smell and feel and experience the garden. The flowers will always re-grow, and they will always be fresh, and there will always be variety. It is yours to do with as you please. You can keep it all to yourself, or you can share it with the entire world, because they are there for you to use or not use as you please. And the flowers have always been there, are now there and will always be there. "

When I realised that, it was like a weight falling off my shoulders. Rather than asking “what will become of me" and feeling a twinge of anxiety, I now ask “what am I becoming, and how can I speed that up by finding the wave and turning the wave into a physical miracle?"

And when I say that, I feel excitement and an immense gratitude towards the One who created all those waves for me to play with as I please, and who taught me the joy of playing with the Universe.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Elsabe Smit is the author of the blog which provides spiritual interpretations of everyday life. Refer to the website for an exciting competition in which you can honour remarkable people that you know.


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