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No More Pushing, No More Resisting - Living From The "For" Energy


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Their is a propensity in our society to focus upon that part of life that we want to disappear, are afraid of or what we hate. The list is long: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, The Fight Against Cancer, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Association Against Bulimia and Anorexia, The War Against Poverty, Bullying etc. etc. . Has the “fight against" any of these things erased them from existence? Are there fewer drunk drivers? Are there fewer people living in poverty?

There are many great universal principals that govern our world - two of which are: What we focus upon expands - What we resist persists. There is a growing awareness (albeit not at the level we need) that we are each powerful magnetic beings drawing to us experiences that are similar to the quality of what we put our attention upon or said another way, our thoughts and feelings and the ultimate actions we take in our life produce what is showing up in our life.

Feelings radiate a certain “quality" of energy. If you've ever experienced someone sending you the quality of the emotion, anger, then you know what that feels like. On the contrary if you've experienced someone truly loving you, then again you know how that feels in comparison to anger. Words also carry with them certain qualities of energy. The words for and against reflect different inferences. To be for something, even if it's something destructive, you are moving towards it, you support it and you are a stand for it being in existence. To be against something you are pushing it away, you are resisting it thinking that it will go away but in actuality you are activating that very thing you don't want in your life. In other words whether you are for something or against something your results will be the same. . . . they'll both be activated and come into existence because you are putting your life energy “into" that thing!

Spend some quality time contemplating where you focus your life energy. Do you live from a place of “against" or are you a stand “for. " Are you against feeling depressed and therefore take anti-depressant medication or are you for feeling joyful and passionate about life and therefore take action that will free you from the beliefs that are causing the depression? Do you support enlivening the awareness about the world of drug abuse or are you for enlivening education around what it takes for children to live powerfully creative, constructive lives filled with spiritual fulfillment and connection to others?

Your life is a sacred, living, contribution to all of life. What you focus your life attention upon will grow and ultimately come into existence at some level. We can each choose to focus on that side of life that is based in fear and its family of anger, jealousy and destruction etc. or we can choose to focus on the constructive side of life - love and its family of joy, enthusiasm, fulfillment, purpose and passion. We each add to the collective picture that is beaming back to us on the news.

If you're against war, choose ways to create peace within you and your family. If your against drugs, choose ways to eliminate the addictions in your own life and choose health promoting activities for yourself and your family. If you're against terrorism, choose to feel love and express that out into all of your relationships. If you're against bullying, be for empowering those who were abused and those who feel powerless and attract being a victim into their life.

Make a declaration today to be FOR one thing that is powerfully constructive. Let go of the fear and possible anger that is behind being against something. Choose the awesome power of LOVE to propel that new declaration out into the world and be that declaration every day. The effects of that constructive energy will be a blessing to all of life, including you, and you'll love the way you feel!

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The Joy of Pushing Yourself
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