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You've Got The Power

Diane Dutchin

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Choices and decisions can sometimes be deliberate or spontaneous. The thought process sometimes can be prolonged or instantaneous and it all comes down to a number of factors. How our mental and emotional is state; sober, intoxicated, happy, sad, depressed, or at peace, will all depend on the outcome after the fact.

We cannot be happy and sad at the same time; it is either or, and we get to choose every time!

Why do we have a continual battle within ourselves regarding issues that should have been laid to rest a lifetime ago, and serves no added value to our present life?

Actually don't take precious energy to find an answer to that question; rather use that energy in a productive way to find the solution to this question what can I do to begin the changes I desire that would be beneficial to my life?

My mom used to quote this phrase to me ever so often “worrying and negative thinking is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to d but gets you nowhere". If we spend more time feeding our lives with what is good and of value, then room for all that is bad and adds no value to our lives will become less and less. Is it that we're ignorant of the damage this behavior have on our lives, or are we aware of it and are too busy, or lazy to care?

Ultimately, how we live; what encompasses our emotions, mentality, beliefs etc are reflections of what goes on inwardly within the soul. When we refuse to participate or partake in anything that adds no value to our lives, we remain in a relaxed, healthy and peaceful state. This not only empowers our lives, but causes us to become more aware of who we are and alert to making continual choices that adds value to our lives. It adds a sense of “wow" to our lives!

I am are the music, the song, and the dance. My life is the whatever expression I choose to give it. I decide how fulfilled or not I'm going to be; my faith or lack thereof, the positive or negative attitude I decide on embracing or rejecting. I am given “today" to live, so I'm going to give it my all and live the best I can for today


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