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Necessary Health Proxy

Linda Lin

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All life matters. There is not one life on this planet earth that does not matter to someone. And in knowing that you know that all life matters. And because all life matters, I write this article which is vital in our society. So many times, we are swayed by what we see in the media, and the average citizen does not know how to differentiate what is good, what is bad, what is wrong and what is printed incorrectly or stated incorrectly in the media. Anyone in media knows that there hardly are any completely, true full true stories. The reason for this is that in most cases of reported stories, no matter who the reporter is, there is always some truth left out of the story. And as long as there is one bit of truth left out of a story, that story can not be told as a true story, yet it happens all the time in large cities across America, and across the world.

So I write this article today about a truth that was left out of a story that was widely publicized and widely televised throughout the whole world. At a time when a Pope was very ill and possibly dying, there was a young lady who was living and loving life, up until the day that they allegedly murdered her in her own hospital bed in America. Sounds impossible , correct? After all, how can someone murder someone in their own hospital bed and get away with that murder? It was easy. They did it with a court order. They (the legal husband backed by a lawyer and some media circus) came into the scene with a court order and finally stopped the young life of his wife. You saw it happen in America. You saw it happen on television, but because there were truths missing, you never really got the whole true story.

I read part of a book about Terri (the subject of a book), and I want to share with you some words, some paragraphs from that book and I write them here in honor of Terri, and in memorial to her anniversary which is March 31st. Kindly remember Terri today and on all anniversaries of her death. I beg you to write about Terri in your blog. I beg you to keep Terri's memory alive. I beg you to notice that Terri was allegedly murdered by her legal husband and by the court system in our land, and she was allegedly murdered by every single person who did not raise their voice up as she was about to be murdered. What happened to Terri would have never happened to someone famous, rich or important in society. Terri was allegedly murdered because she was an ordinary person, who lived an ordinary life, in an ordinary way, and then she had the misfortune to end up inside of a hospital that could not save her life. She had the misfortune of having a husband who wanted his wife dead, and so with his court order he had her food supply stopped cold. Terri was not famous before she was starved. Terri became famous after she was starved and judicially murdered by our system and by her legal husband. All life matters and Terri's life matters and this is why I write this article.

I do not and did not know Terri. I am not related to her family and I gain nothing from writing about Terri. I write because this is the right thing to do, to make sure that this lady is remembered , yes, still today, still years after her judicial murder, we remember Terri.

If you remember Terri kindly write a few words in a note and leave it for the entire world to see and to remember Terri Schindler (a/k/a Terri schiavo).

A Second Reason: I write for one other reason and it is that I hope that everyone has learned at least one lesson from Terri's murder. And one of the most important lessons that I hope anyone and everyone has learned is that they must, absolutely must, put their wishes in writing. You must today, make up that paper that clearly states what you want to have happen in the event that you cannot speak or communicate any longer. Especially if you are a victim of violence or have been a victim of violence, you need to write this paper up today and put all of your wishes, all of your preferences on paper immediately. Have the paper notarized or witnessed by someone independent of you and also or witnessed by a lawyer. Let your survivors have absolutely no doubt about what you wish to happen. Communicate now while you are able to communicate. Do not wait until it is too late. Do not become another Terri Schindler. Do this for yourself and for your children and for your family, but do it now.

I remember Terri. I remember seeing her smile, on that video; I remember seeing her life. If you care about the preservation of human life, forward this to your friends.


Updated May 2008

The author of this article has had many works published in the USA. She has traveled extensively throughout the East Coast and through the South while observing people and writing about life and everything that is in it. You can reach me at


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