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Smooth Stones - The Impact of Life's Hardships

Mark A. Singh

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The story of David and Goliath is well known to many different cultures. What I would like to focus on are the stones that David picked up by the brook. The story says of the stones that they were smooth stones. When is the last time you picked up a stone and found that it was smooth? That would be unlikely, unless you picked it up where there is movement, caused by flowing water.

A stone is usually rough. The smooth stones by a brook or creek lose the rough edges because of the movement of the water, which causes the stones to rub against one another. After awhile, these stones that were once rough become smooth stones. The factors involved in making rough stones smooth are the force of the water, constant movement and other rough stones.

Our lives usually start out as rough stones. I am speaking here of the time we moved on from childhood to young adulthood. There are lots of things we did that were not “smooth. " However, with time and Life's roughness, we became smooth.

Hardships in life, can produce the best results in us if we learn to embrace them instead of running from them. What I mean is that Life will do its part to present roughness in our lives. There are situations we are not going to have control over. For example, have you ever been part of a company that down-sized or went out of business? Or what about a loved one who becomes ill or was in an accident? In times like these, we need to look inward for the strength that will keep us moving forward.

Yes there is pain and there is suffering and we deal with those accordingly. But never forget that in the midst of the harshest of times, there is an inner-working taking place. The jewel that you are today did not happen by accident. Just like diamonds that are formed in tremendous pressure, or silver that is purified in fire, so is the person that is you. You are here today either beaten or victorious. The result is based on whether the roughness was embraced or not.

The absence of pressure in life will leave us rough around the edges. When pressure is present, then that which is in us will come to the top. In our early stages of development, what comes to the top is not necessarily nice. But as with the smooth stones, there is a need for a constant movement of water. In our case, that constant movement is time. As we deal with the roughness of Life over time, we will begin to yield a smoothness from within that will be a delight to others.

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Mark A. Singh
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