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Thinking Like A Tree

Lynda Willows

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Though moments of choice and decision-making remain the most potent times for creative and pro-active living most of us do not realize that we lose most of our opportunities. Plainly, we think ourselves into such tangles that what ensues is far from self empowered choice and closer to familiar habit, need or repetitive pattern. What happens when we “think things through?"

When I “think" that I have to make a decision I am in actuality caught in the spoke of a wheel of my mind which is in an automatic mode, assuming control of belief of control over events and ability to manipulate circumstances by mental configurations and manipulations of thought, will and preference.

It is possible that “thinking through" a decision is an inferior method due to all of these habitual interferences. Perhaps I need to bypass thought and escape the wheel, which constantly tosses me mercilessly as I attempt to control life around me.

What is this alternative? Can the Heart speak clearly to me? How? Is the Deep part of the Heart a true messenger of the Soul, able to transmit wisdom rather than thought?

If then the mind is a perpetual wheel attempting to direct me forward, the True Heart must be similar to a tree, rooted in the earth, taking nourishment and substance and grounded in this very beautiful Earth, then able to grow and extend from the very place that it is planted (its present, its source and its original root), and take nourishment from the Sun, (solar; Soul-ar power, air; higher thought and waters from the higher environment; higher emotions-compassion, empathy, love).

Does this metaphorical “tree" think? I believe that it must sense with an expansion that reaches beyond the scope of its wide and generous branches. Does it make decisions or does it find the natural flow and bask in it.

All the leaves turn towards the sun. The roots absorb water and nutrients. The tree will bend to find a place that offers the most direct connection to light. It will often entwine and enjoy growing next to another tree yet neither will block the other's light.

If I were to think like a tree at my next moments or decision or expanded inner consultation I might have a few clues that would offer a gentler route with less spokes to get caught in. The wisdom of outcome is for you to decide.

Thinking like a tree at the point of decision-making, would perhaps include three essential parts. First, of course there is no thought, there is “sensing" which bypasses mind and uses an awareness of presence and being to observe the current conditions.

Translated that means that one would not mentally list pros and cons nor repetitively engage in circular thinking about how to solve the problem or imagine one side of the decision, then the other and perhaps multiple other scenarios.

Instead this would be replaced with simply standing with and alongside the “issue" and sensing how it feels in the present. What conditions have arisen as a result of it?

The tree would note that the soil is cool, its leaves are falling; something is not working to allow it to fulfill the cycle of it gaining full nutrients and thriving. It's branches feel the presence of other trees yet there is entanglement. The resulting conditions are failure to thrive, possible loss of able branches in certain areas.

So, the first step is Sensing the Present and noting the resulting conditions.
The Second step in this process might be that the Tree is instinctively drawn to the resources that it needs. If it needs water, its roots grow towards a water source. If it needs Light, it angles or finds its way above the branches of a thicket to reach the Light of the sun. In short, it has a natural inborn intelligence that understands how to guide it to its needs. The tree does not work at this. It allows the inborn flow to respond and the source that desires life and nourishment in the tree is naturally drawn to that which will fulfills itself.

Could life be that simple? Could our decisions simply be put in a flow that provides for our needs and guides us to the most perfect outcome? The answer to that is-"Only if we can place ourselves in this divine flow with absolute faith and a pure heart. "

A tree has no motive that hinders divine flow. It does not harbor resentments about other trees in the forest nor have a wish that a certain kind of plant not grow near to it. It does not ask for only one kind of weather, nor stop “being" when there is an ice storm. It transforms into a magical icicle tree.

The single most important thing that enables divine flow is a pure heart. As the second step is taken a personal inventory is needed. Is my heart pure? Do I harbor resentment? Do I carry negative or harmful feelings about others or myself? What exactly is in my heart and how can I purify it so that it becomes an open vessel?

The third step in thinking like a Tree is a return to “singularity". The tree, while in this example is being explored as a way of comparing thinking to being, especially in the process of decision-making.

Singularity, for the tree is it natural adaptation and innate “wisdom" which directs it to the resources that will solve the “problem or dilemma" and restore harmony. The tree has one mission only. It will nourish its life force and connect to the source of its Aliveness.

Similarly, we, in Singularity have one mission as well. After returning to flow with a pure heart and reconnecting with all necessary resources, we are fortified and able to motion forward. There is no decision caught in the spokes of a wheel. There is no wheel. We are free, connected to Life and prepared for singular active being.

Singular active being is a state of poised connectivity that allows the engagement of wisdom, flow, faith and expanded sense perception in the present moment. It is named Singular because it is the sum of many parts yet is not any of them. If it were a moment it would be the exhalation after a wondrous gaze at life, within, around and about you.

Next time you have a decision or are immersed in rounds of thought, ask yourself, “How would a Tree think this through?" Just a reminder, the Tree “Senses the Present", “Allows Flow with Pure Heart" and “Creates with Singularity"!

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Linda Willows, a writer, poet and mystic was in private practice as an Intuitive Consultant for more than 25 years serving individuals, groups and organizations from every walk of life and many parts of the world. Presently focused upon writing she enjoys sharing and continuing the connection of heart-felt outreach. She was the founder of the Wyndom Foundation, a non profit, ngo humanitarian organization devoted to service and goodwill with overseas initiatives in regions of crises an war. She published “Ethics for a New Humanity" with the United Nations and was a speaker at international conferences on its behalf. Recently, with the desire for renewed service, she created Core Insight, a website which is devoted to Inspired Living. ( ) As a Leader in work with Spiritual and Personal Development, she taught Meditation Technique and held Retreats extensive Workshops. Her first professional career was that of a ballet dancer.


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