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Old School Values We All Have Power - Short Story

Z Bennett

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Hello everyone, I hope that this finds you all in good health and good spirits. Many years ago when I was a younger man like many I was just looking for ways to improve myself. Like many men of the 1970's I was taken with the martial arts. At the age of 9 I entered into the world of the martial arts. The amazing thing is here we are 30 plus years later and I am still very involved in the martial arts. Anyway this short story is about one of the times that my martial arts training came in handy.

On a hot summer day after working a 24 hours shift. I had gone to my barracks to get some rest. At the time I was a proud member of the USMC. After getting some rest I got up as I had some studying to do. It was about 4 in the afternoon by the time I got up. This was in 1993 I was sitting on the second deck in a barracks on a Marine Corps base in California. My goal was to do some reading and then go out to get something to eat.

While sitting there reading my book a couple of guys came into the barracks. They had been drinking. One guy came over to me. He asked me what I was doing I told him that I was studying. He then said to me he had heard I was a martial arts expert. I just looked at him. He then said that he could kick my butt. I told him that I was sure that he could. He took it as if I had said he could not. I told him that I did not want any trouble. He told me “that's right you know you do not want to mess with me. " Then he walked away after a couple of his friends came over for him. So I went back to my book. Then out of the corner of my eye I was this guy running at me at full speed. Just as he jumped at me I grabbed his shirt rolled back on the bed I was sitting on while also placing my foot in his stomach. With his forward motion and force he was thrown over the bed I was sitting on and the two beds behind me. He hit the wall with his back and feet. I completed the roll and landed on my feet. I then pushed the bed up against his chest as his had slid down the wall with his head toward the floor. With me holding him in place with the pressure of the bed/rack I asked him if he had, had enough. His friend came over and took him away. He did not say much more to ever again.

I did not want any trouble. How ever most of us to not want trouble. I hope that he guy learned a lesson from our short encounter. I hope my short story also helps someone who thinks that they do not have power to now know that they do.

It is not about hurting people it is about helping, growing and learning.

By Zurriane Bennett

San Yama Bushi & Combination GoJu
School of Self Defense


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