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Enjoy Just Walking in the Rain


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For those of you that are not aware of it, the title is the name of a song that, for whatever reason, I can still sing [out of key] every word to.

As an un-ripened fledging, many long years ago, the world was new and had a deep abiding requirement to be explored. . . at least it appeared that way to me! Being a shiny new bag of organic DNA, I decided that I was the fellow to do it.

In my wee universe, nothing could harm me, for I owned the ever expanding macrocosm. . . it was mine, and I was bound and determined that I would delve into every cavity, slant, burrow, hole, nook, harbor, and point. Even though I later discovered that my parents were poor, I was wealthy! It was mine - all mine!

One day, I ran outside to begin expanding my universe, and very unceremoniously I might add, was introduced to Old Man Winter. Someone or something had pierced my fantastic macrocosm, and was attempting to discourage me from my self-appointed rounds. No way was that going to occur. . . its mine!

Suddenly, my DNA was being covered with tiny cold shavings of multi-sided, delicate, and exquisite flakes. Somehow, my cosmos was altered into a new and dazzling wonder world. . . a whole newfangled playground of fun. As quick as it rolled in, it disappeared!

My shivering jungle was gone, and in its place, was a warmth I had never noticed before, and my flakes had transformed themselves into wet particles.

However, I was soon cognizant that those dribbling specks were causing the leaves, and the grass, to sparkle. Wow, was I a lucky dude or what? Playing, and then walking in it, was a comforting experience. Once again, I thought my cosmos was Shangri-la, and it would last eternally.

Abruptly, I was told that it was time for me to grow up. . . to mature! My beautiful universe was annihilated!

Naturally, father time accelerated with un-relenting vigor. . . and today, I abide in my Autumn years - its alright, for that is the natural order of life.

However, it is not my nature to give up. Therefore, I appealed to the billions of neurons within my skull, as to what happened to my universe. Its reply was terse and to the point - my attitude changed! No one had related to me that I had to suffer in this world, so why am I allowing myself to be affected and controlled by the negatives?

It is time for me to revert to my beautiful, dazzling, sparkling, and un-discovered macrocosm.

And as it is truly raining here in Florissant, Missouri as I write this, I will bid you farewell, and let the pessimists see me enjoying another day of my life by “Just Walking In The Rain. "

Jesse Wade is the author of 3 books, over 200 articles, and the huge free shopping & discovery directory


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