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Inner Power of Snow


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Its March 4th, and I am sitting in a restaurant over a cup of decaf coffee here in Florissant, Missouri - and it is snowing now!

The various multi-formed flakes are cascading earthward at a rapid pace, and like any normal bag of mostly water (a human), the first thought zipping through my brain, was what a mess this is going to become.

Gazing out the window, I saw two children running around in it, and what a wonderful time they were having. . . and the memories of my first new-fallen snow literally invaded my mind. - I went outside!

As I stood on the soft flakes, and glanced about at my surroundings, an absolute sereneness imprisoned my entire essence in its beauty. . . I could not even hear the vehicles as they drove by. For the first time in many months, my body completely relaxed, and I seemed truly at peace with myself. . . and the powdery snow no longer tickled my innards. .

It suddenly dawned upon my happy self - why do I always function as though I will not experience tomorrow? How will I find a little happiness today? Am I waiting for it to just happen? If not today, will it occur tomorrow? Or will tomorrow ever come?

Today is yesterday's tomorrow, and if I am to experience any happiness, I will have to make it materialize today - now!

As Einstein related: “There is something about the Now. " Although he was speaking from a scientific point of view, we must admit, that once we make a solid decision in a particular second (the now), to change our lives, we quickly realize the new power that swells within us. . . the inner strength to control our own destiny!

This power is akin, and as natural, as the uncontaminated and glistening new fallen snow. You will have just given yourself the dynamic capacity to improve your entire life in any manner you choose.

How do we change our lives? Once we make the decision, we have completed the hardest part. . . we have engaged our entire essence to focus on the rest.

All we have to do is write down what we wish to change in ourselves, or in our lives.

Make a list of the steps need to attain that goal. . . if you are not sure -ask someone!

Just take the steps needed. . . at least one a day.

That may appear a little simple, but if we wish to experience the uncontaminated and glistening kinetic energy of self-endowed strength, that is all we really have to do.

Jesse Wade is the author of 3 books, over 200 articles, and the huge free shopping & discovery directory


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