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Transition Elegantly Through Turbulent Times to Discover Your Destiny - Peace Through the Storms

Paul Davis

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Life is full of new and unique challenges that significantly alter our paradigm. My first class teaching English was in Taipei, Taiwan at the YMCA headquarters. The year was 1995 and I had just withdrawn from law school. After undergoing a year of intense legal education, I realized this would not be my profession of choice. Although I was good at it, my passion was elsewhere and not in law. Therefore after completing a successful year studying law in New York and Hong Kong (where I completed an international law summer internship), I withdrew from the three-year program.

Upon meeting a Chinese Pastor and businessman in Chinatown within New York City, I was whisked away by plane to my new job assignment. This consisted of teaching my new student a sixty-five-year-old Chinese man who spoke very little English. The gentleman was very jolly and polite, but communicated nearly entirely in Mandarin. The fact that all of his friends, family, and business acquaintances spoke in Chinese did not help.

Nevertheless together we continued studying an hour a day. That was all my new student could endure and mentally absorb. Hence I had twenty-three hours of free time each day to do whatever I wanted. From New York we traveled to Canada and Taiwan, all at “my student's" expense.

Once in Taiwan I discovered other teaching jobs such as the YMCA. The turbulence of life and ongoing changes that we experience while journeying daily en route to our intended destination can be emotionally challenging. I learned to let go and enjoy the flow during this season of my life. I could not speak Mandarin, but I was now living in Taiwan where everything was written in Chinese characters and symbols.

Miraculously, while purposing in my heart to find an English school to teach at during my six months living in Taiwan, I met a freckled face red head young lady walking across the bridge at the Taipei train station downtown. Immediately I recognized a fellow Caucasian and ran to catch up with her. Realizing she was in a hurry and not wanting to disturb her, I asked: “Excuse me, but do you know where I can find a job teaching English?"

She said, “Follow me! I'm going to the school right now. I've been here for 51 weeks and am leaving to go back to the United States soon. Maybe the school will hire you and you can take my job. "

And so I followed her, applied at the YMCA, and got the job. This was serendipity if I ever saw it. Such was the course of my life these nine months as I transitioned from living in New York to working in Taiwan.

What seemed turbulent and chaotic at times, turned out to be divine. All of these scattered circumstances eventually merged and came together to bring me to my appointed and chosen destination where I would teach English.

That season of my life taught me how to stay cool and calm, while following your instincts within. I have repeatedly done so throughout my life since that time and been able to successfully win.

Paul Davis is a highly sought after worldwide professional speaker, purpose coach, and change master transforming organizations and empowering individuals to live their dreams.

Paul is the author of several books including A New Earth; United States of Arrogance; Poems that Propel the Planet; Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat; Are You Ready for True Love; Stop Lusting & Start Living; Waves of God; Supernatural Fire; God vs. Religion; and many more!

Paul's compassion for people & passion to travel has taken him to over 50 countries of the world where he has had a tremendous impact. Paul's organization Dream-Maker Inc. builds dreams, transcends limitations, & reconciles nations.

Contact Paul to speak at your event or for consulting:


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How to Discover Your True Destiny
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