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Say What You Heard!


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Say what you heard, so you can see what you said!!

Such a powerful statement but many do not know the meaning of this. We have to begin to acknowledge the good things that God as promised us. This is the season where promises have been given and can be fulfilled, but we have to begin speak our blessings into existence. We have to know that God has given us the authority to be blessed according to His riches in glory. What has God told you? Has God promised you that you would have a better job? Has God promised you better health? Or even that your children's children would be blessed? Well don't be afraid say it!

Many times we are afraid to proclaim the promises of God due to lack of faith. We are afraid that if we say it that it will not come to pass. God is not a God that can or will lie. What is faith? Faith is not what God will do for us because we know He is faithful in all things, but faith is what we will do for God and knowing whatever choices that we make that we will be alright. There is a key to activating your faith just saying you have it is not enough. It's just like getting a new credit card in the mail but not being able to use it because you never activated it. In order to effectively activate your faith you must first be in the will of God. Pray and ask God what is His will for you in your life. Once you begin to pray for a sensitive ear to hear His word begin to speak those things into existence. Your sight has to go way beyond what your natural eyes can see. We must also know that what God has for us is for us so we have to be very careful when sharing things with people. Some things are just for us to know, and it's easy to get excited and tell others about the things that God has promised us. Everyone is not on your team and everyone may not see the vision that you see. When people do not see the vision of what God has for you then it can cause division. We want to be careful not to allow people to speak against us negatively. There are times where God will allow you to share, but there are times when you should keep it to yourself until it comes to pass. Don't let anyone steal the promises that God has for you!

Now that we have gotten to the point of where we have spoken what we heard watch how things begin to manifest themselves into real life. They key is to plant the seed of acknowledgment so that you can produce the fruit you were promised. God is not a God that would with hold anything good from us as long as we are in His will. Its time for us to confess, profess, and believe that all things are possible through Jesus Christ. Its time for us to take the limits off and receive the rewards for our good work!

About the author:
Mrs. Wilson is a Life Coach and also the founder of Empower365 an organization that promotes economic self sufficiency in low income communities. If you would like to obtain more information about the organization please email


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The Fifth Best Story You Ever Heard
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