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Becoming Peace

Lynda Willows

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The longing for peace is the most ancient of callings. It speaks of a mission which lies deeply embedded within the heart and soul each. We appear to long for something that we felt we have lost rather than something that we have never known before.

Our prayer for peace is more than a petition for transformation and the formation of a culture, it appears to be the call for a state of being which we claim as our own and seemingly recall as our rightful state of being. It appears as both heritage and legacy; both inborn and gained through quest. Perhaps peace is part of our Original State.

Its image recalls each to an inner space, which is not unfamiliar. We seek it in our lives and are driven to create adaptations that aim to claim it for ourselves in all forms and conditions. It is a goal of spiritual practices and paths to enlightenment. Perhaps it is a part of our Eternal Being, our Original Self. Equally, it may be the Design of the Eternal for our Beautiful Earth as well.

In our world, it presents itself as a sounding that emerges across borders, nationalities, cultures and policies. We all long for peace and desire to live in an environment that is stable and nourishing towards self and a healthy future. We can observe that calls have been made; petitions and benevolent organizations have given the deepest of heart on behalf of Peace around the world. They attempt to mend the sorrowful parts of our world, which cry out from loss, and the pain of crises. Even so, at times we may indeed feel that all of the petitions and prayer and are not enough to motion peace in the world that we live in, or even in our immediate environment. As conditions of crises accelerate, it could feel like a very distant dream.

Though the call for Peace is a powerful battle cry from podiums of every sort, I wonder if we are truly hearing ourselves or if the words have become too familiar. Have we heard too many statistics and too many speeches? Is it possible to see so many media images of suffering in places far away that one develops a form of lessened reaction and compassion to crises which is not in one's own community.

It does appear that it is possible to develop immunity to the awareness of the consequences of conflict and crises in our world. The news is full of what is important to “us" right now. Further, we begin to think of the world in pieces such at “theirs", “mine", “those", and “ours". Is it easier to withstand the discord and suffering in the world if we detach from it and make it “not our own" nor ours to fix, feel or embrace.

Many sincerely want to be part of a peace building process rather than bearing witness to continuation suffering. Countless individuals bravely step forward in service in times of war. There are heroes amongst us that are leading our world forward. They are the nature of Peace itself and embody the acts of Peace. Actions of Peace are those that signify courage and compassion.

Prayer for peace is the bold hope and appeal for intervention in the present course of events by a power higher than the minds of men, more benevolent than the forces of discord and infinitely more embracing of the human spirit with the power to see the potential for our finest most courageous actions take precedent over those which are the lesser.

I view Peace as the Natural or Original state of Being. Our prayers and inner longing is a desire to return to a state of origins. When we stray from our original state whether it is in our own lives or in our world, we create the pressure of separation from Source. Perhaps our story is in the journey of our return to this original state, yet nonetheless we each hold it as valued above all else, even freedom. Freedom without Peace would not be complete.

We see then that our lives must reflect peace, itself. In our quest we are led to a mirror that reflect our own image. We peer into it and are shown the parts of us that are “in becoming" towards peace or have “separated from the original source" of peace. We are shown that to manifest peace in our world we must live parallel to our prayer. We are asked to become the nature of that which we have prayed for. We must become Peace ourselves by embodying its Nature as aspects of our being and expressing it in our lives.

If peace is part of the true design for our world it lies within the original Nature and follows natural law. We must be able to synchronize with these natural laws to fall into the harmony of Peace. The Nature of Peace would have aspects that qualify it. These aspects could be named, understood and embodied by us as well that once again we lived in accord with “Peace Nature".

It becomes more apparent that to pray for Peace opens us each to the possibility of a process of becoming part of Peace itself. Peace Nature becomes the essence of a culture of Courage, Compassion, Empathy, Embrace of the Whole as a Unity, Response-Ability (the caring and active ability to extend a response to the needs of one another without thought of self gratification) and individual Value and Values.

I then, petition Peace as the essence of our Original Nature and as the Divine Nature of our Earth as well. I name it as Courage, Compassion and Unity, which lives and breathes as an expression as its own Nature. This we can behold as our own Nature as well- destined to be revealed and expressed in our world as Peace. My prayer for peace is to remember our purpose, our original Nature and to honor the sacred origin of the world that we live in.

Linda Willows, a writer, poet and Intuitive, was in private practice as a Consultant for more than 25 years serving individuals, groups and organizations from every walk of life and in many parts of the world. She is devoted to spiritual works, which inspire and bring remembrance to the insights of core Truth, which unite us all.

She was the founder of the Wyndom Foundation, a non- profit, NGO affiliated with the United Nations devoted to humanitarian Service, collective Ethics and Goodwill with overseas initiatives in regions of crises and war. In active overseas service she worked on site both during the Balkan war and in the Mid-East for several years. She published “Ethics for a New Humanity" with the United Nations and was a speaker at international conferences on its behalf.

As a leader in the Spiritual Community, she had spoken at numerous international conferences including the United Nations Roundtable on Global Development, United Earth. On behalf of personal and global peace and development, she has created and led countless spiritual workshops, ceremonial gathering, guided group meditations and developed and led transformational retreats. Her unique capacity to engage “Soul Vision", has inspired and offered insight to many and been the source of countless writings and teachings.

Recently, with the desire for renewed service, she is dedicated to writing, a new book and created Core Insight ( ) a website devoted to Inspired Living. A quote from the site describes it best. “We, as members of One Unity compel one another with Shared Vision, the grace of inclusion, the peace of surrender and the bold Signature of our Souls in active service which knows no limit nor limitation".


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