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How To Be Grateful In These Turbulent Times

Rebekah Pierce

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Wow! What a year so far! Time is moving quickly, but I am not scared one bit. I made a vow to myself that this would be the year of wisdom for me. I have lived far too long with mistakes - financial, emotional and spiritual - that have nearly cost me my joy.

Why is it that we don't use that word anymore to describe the kind of life we want for ourselves, truly? Are we afraid of the word because it implies a sort of arrogance to feel like one has arrived. . . to wherever that may be? I don't think so. In fact, I refuse to believe that I do not deserve to have joy and then proclaim it to the world.

I have met far too many women whose stories have reminded me that no one is promised tomorrow. One of my favorite quotes is from Maya Angelou: “I can be changed by what happens to me. I refuse to be reduced by it. " I recently reran the story of one of the bravest women I have ever met whose life is the epitome of this quote - Marguerite Sciuk - in my publication, Average Girl Magazine.

Marguerite was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor several years ago, and although most people would have crawled under the covers and died upon hearing such a prognosis, Marquerite got fired up. She decided to live the best life she could now and do something to help save lives. She developed a non-profit, all volunteer organization called Brain Tumor Research and Information Network which raises funds for brain tumor research.

It is women like Marguerite that keep me fired up and pressing on because she has found joy in the midst of facing her mortality. My life hasn't been a “crystal stair, " but I have come to learn and believe firmly that God truly does only give us the battles we can handle. Today, I saw a man so drunk that he could hardly cross the street without being hit by oncoming cars. In fact, they slowed to let him cross. . .in both directions. Now, how many of you have seen this same man or his sister and immediately shook your head in disgust? You said out loud or to yourself, “He/she should be ashamed. "

Guess what? So should you! You see, when I saw that man, my soul and spirit cried out to him, not for him. And my spirit and soul sent a prayer to God that he'd get to his destination safely wherever it may be. Remember the old saying that God gives us what does not kill us, but what makes us stronger? I realized what that really meant as I watched that man stumble across the street. God didn't give me his affliction because I could not have handled it. It would have killed me. I could not scorn him because I know that that couldn't be my burden.

The theme of the issue featuring Marguerite was GRATEFUL because I am so grateful to be where I am at. . . even if it's not where I wish to be. I am reclaiming my joy and living my purpose driven life, and I ain't hatin’ on anybody. I am going to be a wise woman this year and the years to come by retraining the way I think about life and myself. I am listening to that inner voice that calls out to me when I am ready to quit. I am going to walk in the power of me. . . and be grateful. Won't you join me?

~Copyright © 2008 Rebekah L. Pierce. Mrs. Pierce is the CEO/Editor in Chief of Average Girl Magazine LLC, a motivational and inspirational magazine for women in search of change, purpose and prosperity. She is also a playwright, former radio talk show host, motivational speaker, teacher, wife and mother. Visit for more information.


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The True Value of Being Grateful
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