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As a Woman Stop Being Afraid to Be Yourself

Melantha Nelson

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As a woman in today's society we have to stop letting negative voices rule over our thought lives. We have to start being true to ourselves. We have been beaten up by society for centuries. I'm not saying we have to act like men, but we should have the right to be true to ourselves. We let the media and the other people around us put negative images and thoughts in our lives rule us.

Today, people are telling us that if we are not a size two, we are fat, if we are not married by a certain age, we are called old maids. Whoever you are, be you, because in life being yourself, you feel more free as a woman. When you are playing different characters in front of people, we are more stressed out, and more overwhelmed. It's not worth it.

I have had plenty of experience with people telling me, you are nothing, why don't you just work and pay your bills and stop chasing dreams that won't come alive. Believe me these words hurt my feelings. After awhile I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and I took a stand. I stopped letting people tell me, "your a woman, you can't do that". I just started shutting people out and winging out the negativity out of my life. Yeah, it's easier said than done, and yes it's a process and sometimes a long process, but it can be done.

As women we have to learn to build our confidence up. You can build your confidence up by organizing and writing my goals down, networking yourself around positive people, start reading inspirational books to improve your thought life. It has helped even though I still have a long way to go. Women take a stand. It's scary, but it is so much easier to be you. Yeah, you might lose some so called friends, but that means they were not your friends in the first place. Stand up ladies, take charge of your life and live life for yourself. It can be so refreshing to you in the long run.


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