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Change is Not Easy

Adrienne Smith

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Each morning we wake up to a new day. Eventually those days turn into weeks, then months and then years. Nothing ever really stays the same. We find ourselves in new relationships, new jobs, new places to live and sometimes even having to move to a new city. Change is not easy but it's necessary in order for us to evolve as individuals.

Over time we may find ourselves in unexpected situations. Loved ones pass away and we find it difficult to deal with. Companies close their doors and you find yourself out of a job. Health problems arise and you thought you were taking good care or yourself. But things happen and change is inevitable. It's how we handle it that really matters.

I found myself out of a job right as I was entering into middle age. I'm one of the millions of people that never thought this would be happening to them. Personally, I've never been big on change. You know the old saying, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it. " It's a limited belief but we all know that most of the time, change isn't necessarily a good thing. Then we have the old saying that “everything happens for a reason". I believe that change happens so that we can learn and grow. Some of us just need a lot more help then others.

Change, it's definitely not easy. Like millions of people today, I joined the internet marketing arena to also “find my way" into the wealthy status of internet entrepreneurs. Most people want to become wealthy yet we don't realize that we have to change who we are and how we live our lives. What I mean by that is you have to work at this and you can't just sit back and expect it to just come because that is what you want. It's not just about signing people up in your business and waiting for the checks to arrive.

If you don't change your way of thinking and who you are as a person, then you will remain the same exact person you have always been which will only attract the same kind of outcome we've always had. You have to develop and change into the type of entrepreneur and human being that can create a substantial yearly income. You can't remain in the same negative emotional patterns or limiting beliefs.

We all have to change the way we “use" to think about things. We have to change ourselves as human beings. We have to work to develop the right mindset and attitude that it takes in order to create the lifestyle that we all truly want. We have to let go of what was, who we thought we were and discover who we truly are. We are all capable of so much more in our lives but we are just frightened of change. But change comes every single day whether you realize it or not. So just relax, open your mind to new adventures and take those steps to learn more about who you truly are as a person.

Change, it's not easy but it's inevitable.

Adrienne Smith is an internet marketing consultant and work at home business owner. She enjoys helping others succeed in all areas of their life. To read more about her, please visit her website at


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