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How to Obtain Professional Growth Fast and Deep


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You can get professional growth fast and deep, if you connect to your power source. What is your power source? It's your Supercharged Belief System.

This relates to Religion and Your Human potential. Having the advantage of following structured precepts saves a lot of time and energy.

Ego Strength. Ego Strength means ego control. You make your ego work for you and get professional growth. Don't slow yourself down by being a servant to your ego. You want growth? Do you want to take giant steps towards your ambitions and goals. Then get smart and build your ambition and goals around your Beliefs and Values.

Then you will be prepared to “go the distance". When I refer to “distance", I am talking about working with an objective towards depth and distance. Normally what happens when your goals are not aligned with your beliefs and values, is that you experience conflict and eventual burn out.

Your subconscious mind is the keeper of your beliefs and values. When your thoughts and actions are in agreement or alignment with your beliefs and values, you are a happy camp-or. No kidding. You not only will experience real success but you will be a much happier person, then, an individual that works contrary to his beliefs and values.

It personally took me a long time to learn this lesson. For years I worked strictly for money and subsequently, experienced conflict and burn out.

How and why do you enjoy professional growth fast and deep when you have goal and value alignment? The simple answer is this process affords the luxury of not being plagued with the ordinary human problem of confronting your self-image problem and stretching your comfort zone. See Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics 2000.

In another words, when you are in sync and harmony with your beliefs, values and goals, it's like dancing through life singing a song. You are the main star in a musical like Oklahoma. Really, I kid you not! Life is a kick, a blast. 50% of the normal turmoil and battle that you go through in everyday competition seems to disappear.

When you take on those new and intimidating challenges, you don't feel threatened or jeopardized. Why? Simply because your subconscious knows you are on familiar ground. You may be going through unfamiliar waters, but those navigational charts, your values and beliefs, are familiar and similar which are leading you to friendly ports, that is, your new goals and destinations.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about. Try it. You will like it! You will like it because at the end of your day you won't go home all beat up and tired. Why? Simply because you haven't put yourself through the energy draining nonsense of trying to manage your frustrations and conflicts. This results from straying from your beliefs and values.

Jack Marinchek is the publisher of the site, , which features- inspirational information on life improvement, getting jobs and income, travel, and real estate relocation.


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