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My Life Purpose, Destiny and Mission


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Discovering my life purpose has sometimes been an enigma to me. I believe without
doubt that I have a spiritual destiny, a unique life purpose, a singular mission, that only I can fulfill. Likewise with you.

You have a unique spiritual destiny and life purpose too, and today you can discover how to stride forward in huge leaps and bounds into the fulfillment of that destiny. You were born with a purpose, a unique and important mission. Do not delay living your destiny. Do not put this off any longer. Discover what your mission is. How?

Ask yourself what you want in your life above all else. If the first thought that comes to mind is a thing, a possession, like a car or a large house, you will have to dig a little deeper. Imagine how owning these things will make you feel. Fulfilled? Successful? Respected? Worthy? Dig deeper again. When you feel fulfilled, successful, respected or worthy, do you feel happy? Of course you do, everyone wants happiness. Maybe you were really looking to feel happy all the time. Having the possessions was simply a means to feeling happy.

So you know what you want out of life, now what can you give? Why have you incarnated on the planet at this time in history? What do you intend to offer the world community that no-one else can offer?

What do you have to give, you ask. Turn your awareness inwards again. If money, race, education or any other excuse were out of the equation, what do you love doing that is creative and makes you feel fantastic and so absorbed that you lose track of time for a while? You may have to fantasize here a little, but that is how you most effectively get in touch with your creative genius inside your heart.

It is at this level that you find your life purpose and destiny. Keep asking yourself these kinds of questions. Find the answer, then dig down to next level until you know you are right at the core of your being, for it is here that you will discover your destiny, life purpose and mission.

Begin today to live that purpose, live your passionate dream, be authentic and the very best you can be in order to fulfill your mission to the full. How can we do this?

Can we make a difference in this world? Yes, we can make a difference, you can make a huge difference.

When I start my day with a desire of more good for all, with an attitude of expectant hope, with trust that love and joy will increase in the world today because of how I think, of what I say or write or share, then I am fulfilling my purpose.

Likewise, when you do what you know you are supposed to do in the great game of life, you will be making your unique footprint in the sand.

When you rise to the challenge of each day, becoming more aware, more spiritually powerful and loving as day follows day, you become more aware that your life is of the utmost significance in the bigger scheme of our evolution and destiny.

Can each of us change the world in one lifetime?

Probably not.

Can we fulfill our contract for this life?


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Forget yesterday. You have something to give that no-one, ever, in the history of mankind, has ever offered the rest of us. Your personal gift can only be given by you. Your personality, your insights, your singular perspective, love energy and beauty make your life and purpose your unique gift to humanity.

Be the very best, the most loving and powerful person you were born to be. Let your light shine for all to see. Be a beacon in the dark, guiding other ships to a safe port.
It's up to you.

Just do it, for yourself and for the rest of us who need you.

Marie Barrett has written extensively on life purpose and destiny, specifically in her book, Holistic Wealth: A Guide to Creative and Joyful Living. Find further inspiration at and at her blog at


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