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On Or Off Balanced

Diane Dutchin

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Why is it as humans we are either at one extreme or another? There never appears to be what some likes to term “a healthy medium"? Let me rephrase that statement instead to ask, “what is a happy medium?" What does it mean to have a health balance in one's life?

Every person's definition on this question will likely vary to similar to totally off the wall. Yet, if that person's definition fits their lifestyle; who am I to disagree?

Is it that we know what a healthy balance is, but can't focus and give 100% to more than one area at a time, therefore the other areas suffer, and thus it appears like we're off balance? Could be!

When it comes to relationships, finding that balance is like sitting on a teeter-totter or also known as a seesaw. If both people aren't participating equally then someone's going to have their head in the clouds, while the other their head in the sand.

We sometimes find it hard to leave our work at work, and have a relative enjoyable life when we clock out at days’ end. Then again we justify the inability to know how to relax because we need to work, to get the money to buy things that we think we need, to sometimes make ourselves look or feel better, and win the favor of friends and family.

When we make the decision to lose a few pounds and become more active, we derail our progress too early in the game. Could it be because we started off taking giant leaps instead of baby steps? And when we fall short of sticking to our plan, we become so discouraged that we revert to worst eating habits prior to starting this program?

Is it OK to admit that as we strive to find healthy balances, we struggle and that leads to stress that could be avoided?

How about our spiritual lives? Is there time left for that, and if yes, do we squeak in a few minutes to appease our God or conscious? Really that should be the centre of our lives don't you think? Well, aren't we more than flesh and bones? Aren't we spiritual beings?

Spirit, Soul and Body balance can be attained, you just have to go beyond the decision-making part and implement the doing. Think about it - we are spirits that have souls (mind, will and emotions), and live in a body. Shouldn't that tell us the importance and need for a healthy balanced life? Nothing like the present to get it into gear - moving forward!

I am are the music, the song, and the dance. My life is the whatever expression I choose to give it. I decide how fulfilled or not I'm going to be; my faith or lack thereof, the positive or negative attitude I decide on embracing or rejecting. I am given “today" to live, so I'm going to give it my all and live the best I can for today.


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