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Emotions Are You - Make Them Your Ally and Not Your Enemy

Sandya De Silva

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Emotions are us and when we learn to connect with them we connect with our inner self. Many people, mostly men, whilst growing up have learnt to deny emotions and thereby denied living their life to the fullest. Emotions are only signals to take action, and they could be positive or negative. If we learn to use our emotions as means to move proactively and not reactively we will sit on top of all relational situations in life.

We will then be a positive influence on others.

If you are a man
The chances are great
That you were told
As you grew up
It was unmanly to cry
And you believed
In that biggest lie
And you never cried
Except as a child
So you learnt to deny
The tears of joy
And tears of love
The tears of grief
And tears of despair
The tears of anger
And tears of frustration
The tears of fear
And tears of pain
In doing so
You denied your emotions
And they went into hiding
So you were denied of
Living life in its fullest
The truth be told
Jesus cried and wept
Many a time
Connect with your Creator
And connect with your emotions
As you connect with Jesus
You will connect with yourself
Soon you will know
That your emotions
Are in fact you
They are who you are
If you deny your emotions
You deny yourself
And you will
Never be able to
Be yourself
Nor express yourself
But if you tune in
With your emotions
You will come into life
God created emotions
It is your sensory system
They are there for a reason
Our emotions are
The only signals
To both
Good and the bad
Sometimes negative
Sometimes positive
Anger, frustration
Grief, sadness
Love, joy
Peace and happiness
The list goes on
Here is the key
To use them sensibly
Learn to tune in
To your emotions
Listen to them carefully
Do not deny them
Make them your ally
And not your enemy
Learn to transmit them
Thoughtfully and wisely
Even if e-motions
Are means to move
It is always foolish
To move in haste
That is reaction
And is weakness
Take a deep breath
Understand your emotion
And what the cause is
For that emotion
Then move with caution
This sure is wisdom
For once things are
Said and done
It is hard to reverse
The damage is done
Make your emotions
The tools to be proactive
Not explosives reactive
Practice makes perfect
When you connect with your emotions
You will find yourself
When you master your emotions
Then you will be on top
Of all situations
Before you know it
You will be a force
To attract others
Towards you
Who will want to
Learn and do
The same as you


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