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Taking a Bath!


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As a woodcarver for over 25 years, I am out of the art and craft world, and I have no writing background whatsoever. Over the years, I have participated and sold my work, in over 40 arts and crafts shows, all around the state of New Mexico (USA) where I live.

On this day, I was participating in a three day outdoor show, on the Plaza in Old Town in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tourists from all over the world visit Old Town in Albuquerque every year. And, the fabulous blue skies, never let us down, as they are always invited to an outdoor show! There were a couple of uninvited puffy clouds hanging around, but nothing threatening, etc. The sun was shining brightly, and the flowers on the Plaza were in full bloom. . . perfect for an outdoor arts and crafts show!

The state of New Mexico is blessed with thousands of talented artists, craftspeople and writers! And, arts and crafts shows usually generate large amounts of traffic, and on this day, there were over 100 exhibits on the Plaza showing their wares. On display, were the usual. . . paintings; leather; wood; ceramic; pottery; glass pieces and so forth.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and the show was winding down, but there were still many visitor's on the Plaza shopping and looking at the displays. . . when all of a sudden, and without warning. . . the SPRINKLERS CAME ON! The reader has never seen CHAOS and PANIC. . . like there was, after the sprinklers came on that day. . . and there were still hundreds of people on the Plaza!

People scattered in all directions. . . but, it didn't take long to drench everyone with water! PANIC! CHAOS was everywhere! I've never seen so many people scatter in so many directions to escape the sprinklers! It was a mad-house. . . as paintings came crashing down on the grass and the awful sound of ceramics, pottery and glass works crashing down on the side-walks, etc. PANIC. . . was the name of this game. . . and what a night-mare for everyone!

All the exhibitor's tried desperately to save what they could of their wares, and in a matter of just seconds, we and everything was soaked! We couldn't believe this was happening!

The sprinklers went off about 15 minutes later, but all the incredible damage had already been done! Many of the exhibitor's lost much of their work! For me, I was able to save most of my work, but it was going to take much time in the coming weeks for repairs, etc.

In 2008, I can look back at that awful day, and have a chuckle or two. . . but I can tell the reader, it was not very funny at the time! For all of us that dreadful day. . . we all took a bath. . . both “figuratively" and literally!" Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks!

Solution? Get up. . . dust yourself off. . . or in this case, dry yourself off. . . and start preparing for the next show!

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