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Co Create a Life Worth Living! How the Power of a Single Thought Can Change Your Life

Barbara Zagata

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Not just enough money but enough free time to enjoy life


If someone can help you believe it's possible then that someone could help you achieve it. Beliefs are the first step in any process of manifestation. Everything that exists was first a thought. One powerful thought, one thought held with conviction can change a life or many lives.

"I am the greatest!" Long before he believed he was, Muhammad Ali began stating so.

"Inspiring someone is awakening a viewpoint that realizes that something that seemed impossible can actually be done. "

~Harry Palmer

In 1957 an American Farmer named Dan West decided to help end world hunger not by giving away food for the day, but with a radical new idea. He would provide a family with livestock and training. They would agree to pass on newborns to other families, so the initial gift would multiply and provide permanent freedom from hunger. In 2003, Heifer International was named one of Forbes magazine's top 10 charities.

There are hundreds of such stories. How many hundred more will it take to end global suffering?

What it takes to make a significant difference in your own life and then in the lives of others could easily be taught to every grade school child. It's that easy to understand. Perhaps we aren't all driven to become millionaires, but surely we can all have enough without hurting ourselves in the process.

By hurting ourselves I mean in the ways you may not really consider, like being too exhausted to exercise your body, too tired to cook for yourself. Deficit spending-using caffeine to get you through the day, robbing your adrenal glands of their natural vitality, day after day, locking you into a downward spiral dependent upon more caffeinated drinks to keep you “up. "

Eventually, this takes its toll. The consequence being far greater than you've imagined because you don't know the secret to creating all that you've ever dreamed of. If you did, you would realize just how valuable your inner resources are in creating a life worth living.

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Passionately Living Life - How Miracles Happen With the Power of Intention
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