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Stop Doing What You Hate Now! How to Stop Working a Job You Hate and Start Building Wealth

Drawk Kwast

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Why would anyone in their right mind spend time getting better at something they hate to do?  The concept seems insane, doesn't it?  This is something only a crazy person would invest time into.   So why is it then that the majority of the workforce in America does exactly that every day they go to work?  Is the majority of the workforce crazy?  In my opinion, yes, this is crazy.

Any human being who spends time at anything is going to get better at doing that thing. If you give me the meanest guy you can find from your local biker bar and I make him hangout with an 80 year old lady for a month to learn how to crochet, guess what?  Every day he will get better at it.   By the end of the month, he will be good at it.   Now does this then make a logical point that every guy like this should be doing that?  No, that would be crazy!  Now you understand that just because you're getting better at something doesn't necessarily mean that you should be doing it.   Just because you work at a stable and every day you get better at shoveling horse poop, doesn't mean you should stay at that job.

Let's take a look at the concept of desensitization.   If you are staying at the same job because the longer you are there, the less you hate it, you are again crazy.   Your goal in life should not be a job that you hate less by the day; it should be a job that you actually enjoy doing.   Desensitization basically states that in any situation of continued exposure to discomfort, over time, you feel the discomfort less and less.   It's not that the situation is getting any better, it's just that you are getting more used to it.   This is incredibly dangerous.   You are getting more and more used to being unhappy and poor by the day and the longer you live like this, the less of a chance you will actually do something to better your situation.

The one and only resource that you have a fixed supply of is time.   Money can be made and lost easily, and money can buy just about any resource, except for time.   Time is the one thing that you only get so much of.   With this understanding, let's look at the use of your time.   If you spend 10 hours doing something you hate, you're going to get better at it.   However, if you spend that same amount of time doing something you enjoy, something you're passionate about; your improvement will be far greater.   Logic then dictates that the better you get at doing something, the more money you can make doing it.   This is yet another reason to quit doing the job you hate as soon as possible.   Sure, you may have to down-shift your income level for a while, but in the long run you'll end up happier and wealthier.   The sooner you start, the sooner you'll get there.

It's time to debunk the myth that everyone with money is unhappy.   What a load of crap!  I speak from personal experience on this one.   I have lived through times in my life when I have deposited $100,000.00 checks into my bank account and I have lived through times when I pulled lost change out of the washers at a public Laundromat so I could order dinner off of the dollar menu at McDonalds.   Here is the real truth about the link between money and happiness that no one else will share with you.

Money buys you more of whatever you had in your life before you had money.

That's it.   That is the equation right there.   That's all there is to it.   Simple, isn't it?  Take a drug addict on skid-row and give them a bunch of money, what do they do?  Buy more drugs.   Show me someone without any friends or money, give them money and guess what?  Somehow they end up even more isolated from people.   Show me a person who is happy, who loves what they do in life, give them money, and I will show you an even happier person.   Do what you love, make more money as a result, and that money will buy you more of what you already had.   Go make it happen.

Drawk Kwast is a life coach, author, and motivational speaker with becomeALPHA, an organization that teaches the arts and sciences necessary for achieving unprecedented professional and personal success. He has been recently published by Entrepreneur, Worth, Forbes, USA Today, Details, and the Washington Times. More information can be found at


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