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Your Guide to Sanity and Peace With Serenity Prayer


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We all face adverse and challenging times in our lives at one time or the other. To face this adversity everybody needs some kind of support. This support can be in the form of the family or a lucky charm or a even a simple prayer like serenity prayer. All these various forms of prayers or charms are really there to find courage from within and give our inner self a tough strength of character for facing challenges.

A serenity prayer is a source strength and encouragement in challenging times. The interpretation of serenity prayer can be varied but the basic idea of the prayer remains the same. It says the God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can. It says that you should be given the wisdom to know the difference between the things that are under your control and the things that are beyond your control.

There are three main elements of the serenity and the values and ideas it reflects.

It means that you are asking for grace to accept the things in your life over which you have no control. Then it also means that if you no control over the things, you should worry about those. Take no tension thinking about those over which you have no control. Do not get stressed and worried over them.

The second part of the prayer says that you should have the courage to forge ahead in life. It means that you should be willing to accept changes in your life or rather make changes in your life which will be for your own good. It means that you should have the courage and the faith to face the tough times during those periods of change. It also means that you cannot rest on your laurels and you should be able to prepare for any eventuality.

The last thing is that you should know when to accept things as is and when to move forward to embrace that change.

Serenity prayer helps you get that calm and piece of mind amid life's varied chaotic situations. It is like that sea shore when you are in middle of the sea amid turbulent waters. For some it is a way of reassurance that there is a higher power which will sort out a few things for you.

Serenity prayer is a prayer which is used by all to get that clam and piece of mind.

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Serenity As A Choice
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