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Remember You Are a One Off!


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Perhaps the most common habit we all learn to develop is to compare our self with others. Every time you compare yourself with another watch for thoughts like, “They seem to be doing better than me. . . . I wonder what it's like to be them. . . how come they get all the luck . . . they are much better than me at that. " Behind these thoughts you are really saying you would like to be them, live like them and be in the position they are in. In that moment you forget you are absolutely unique.

You can only be your self. There is no one the same as you, and you can never be the same as someone else. If you keep thinking in this way you only sustain an underlying sense of failure which eats away at your self-respect and self esteem. Never compare your self with anyone else, realise and remember you are a one-off!

Amidst the activity of the day, we need to make time to look within and find the beauty that is hidden there.

When we do this as a practice it brings a positive experience that empowers the self. We need to give ourselves a little time everyday at regular intervals. During this time, we need to look within and find our own uniqueness and we will find that we are able to have access to our positivity. This practice will help us during a difficult time too and we will be able to use these qualities under all circumstances. So we will not be a victim to situations but will be able to give what is required at that time.

Angel is a freelance writer and a student of Brahma Kumaris


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Remember the Love
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