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A Purpose to Encourage

Greg Rouse

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Just a Thought: A Purpose. (I want to take an opportunity every now and then just to share some insight on life, Love and personal character. Here's one on our being connected and being designed for a purpose. )

We should not allow ourselves to forget that we are designed for a purpose. We all have been pre-destined for a thing, designed with a plan in mind, and equipped for just such a task. We are all connected, woven together in an intricate design of operation with a certain level of influence on each other and our circumstances and issues in life.

It's a little difficult to clear the mind of all the clutter that floods us. How much we struggle to get away from each other and how much solace we find in trying to separate ourselves from others as a way of seeking peace. In an article I had written entitled “Wonderfully Knitted Together" I speak of how nearly impossible to achieve divorce it really is according to our understanding of it. One definition of the word states that it is a total separation of husband and wife; a disunion of sorts. But a true study of marriage will show that this could not truly be so, if you consider the spiritual side of things. We have been woven or knitted together and no act of man can undo that.

I also believe that this is true not only in a matrimonial marriage between husband and wife but amongst a brotherly/sisterly marriage between members of the body of Christ as well. We have been designed to interact one with another. Once we accept, acknowledge and especially understand this we become knitted together in a fashion that cannot fully be separated or divided up. There is so much power in just our way of verbally encouraging each other that can easily go beyond our understanding.

Take the time to share with someone and don't be surprised as to how good you'll feel about it once it's done. You don't have to tell people what you've done for someone or even let on that it made you feel good afterwards. It's okay to revel in the feeling on your own, just as long as you take the time to actually do it. We have been equipped with the very necessary tools it takes to lift someone up in encouragement. Even if you find that you didn't feel as good as you thought you should once you did it, do it anyway. I am sure the others will benefit from it. Even if that is all you have to give then don't feel that it's not enough; give it and let it do what it has been designed to do.

Greg Rouse is an accomplished martial artist whose experience reaches back into his early childhood. Having practiced and trained in several different styles and techniques over the many years he is well-rounded and ready to share what he has learned. To learn more about what he can do for you in Health & Fitness, Martial Arts Training, Seminars and Special Programs visit

He is also a minister in training who loves to reveal Truth to any eager and willing listener. If this is you and you would like to hear more, enter into discussion, schedule a visit or see where he'll be next visit myspace (.com) and search for heirtohisriches, or stop by the Living the Ministry Community Forums on the internet.


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