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What role did Sports figures lead to the Ascended Masters?

As a boy is used to collect baseball cards and cut out covers of my Sports heroes from magazines and fill the walls of my youthful room, i shared with my brother. I liked to look up at those walls and think about, who these athletes were. In my world as a boy I thought often about having to become an adult someday and dreamed about what my part might be.

Kids today are really no different , except perhaps their icons and examples are rap stars and celebrities. Sports are still popular except, I don’t remember having to deal with bathing suit issues so much back them. It seems sports used to be a safe place for a young boy to explore his hopes and adventures.

It used to be a sanctuary for the development of a boy, even girls. Not anymore.

Nowadays you can hardly pick up a magazine or go to an Internet sports site where they are already shoving some type of *** image right in your face. It's different. I think its sad. Even today as i've grown up i still feel a loss of that innocence or being able to go find some comfort in the flame that sports can provide. It seems to be everywhere.

Oftentimes i will read the sports pages in newspapers and right side by side with the articles are ads for strip clubs. Its no wonder the athletes themselves often get in trouble at these places. I hope it doesn't seem prudish and i can't say these things don't have their pull in any of us, but it just goes to show there are fewer and fewer places in our culture and society that consider the purity of consciousness. Maybe boys haven't really moved on they've just become Men who have moved their attention to other realms of “Sport", so to speak. It hard to fathom an image of what a woman really is much less an idea that the soul can pursue, like the image of the divine.

I'm saying this because a lot of things can come before our sense of finding our course, our attunment with Life and the inner things that matter too.

In a way I'm still trying to summon some inspiration from the pictures i hang on the walls. I've replaced my boyhood idols with pictures of the Ascended Masters like Saint Germain, Jesus and Mother Mary. I don't think it’s such a bad idea. Maybe we could have Ascended Masters trading cards and on the back of the card instead of having the statistics of some baseball player we could have the Virtues and lessons espoused by a Saint or the healing powers of An Archangel. Do we think this funny? We need examples of virtue so desperately in our society and culture, we can not even recognize the need for it. When i drive a limousine and we take out minors, it's almost frightening what has degregated in some of our youth. I cannot remember the youth of my period being so brazen, so willing to disregard common respect in people. Yea i think we need cards and magazine covers and DVD's of the majesty and power of Angels and cosmic beings. But is has to be something practical, someway that we are going to reach people that life is not aimless, it is not without responsibility or consequence. It's not fearfulness, because that has proven to have little effect on getting people to shift, alone.

Maybe it could be the power of story, of the great quest for life, the sense of Victory, of hope, of overcoming and the tremendous inspiration and purpose life can be when we see it as a path and as journey with great adventure. We could do more to inspire our youth, even if there is just a seed in the mind that we are a part of realm of a reality not just physical. Then we introduce the Ascended Master trading cards and we find out and explore the mysteries of life, like Frodo shows in the Lord of the Rings. It's not all fantasy, principles can be greatly taught.

It would certainly inspire a different view of conversation at the least.

Recently a friend was discussing the outrageous examples and lengths that advertisers are prepared to go to sell us on some idea of their products. This is especially ridiculous during the times of the Super Bowl, viewed by billions?

We thought wouldn't it be great if a “commercial" came on that actually inspired some sense of cosmic perspective to all these people.

We even had a vision of a message

First we show a football game played magnificently before thousands at a stadium and the images are captured in the thrills and the exaltations of the fierce battle for Victory done on the field. We hear the sounds, the throngs of people rising in their seats, the intense hopes, the terrific surges of energy, as a captivating play unfolds. The athletes like beautiful, victorious, striving warriors, race magnificently towards their intended game winning score.

But instead of seeing this climatic finish, the “viewer" comes before the “screen of life, " a panoramic insight into the millions of images of life itself. The thoughts of people… their hopes, their fears. Countless numbers of people appear, sight and sound and feeling become one. Scenes of families, of nations, of birth, of old age, of beauty, the power of nature, everything that is and has been.

Gradually the sense of the Individual selves become a larger Energy and the whole of humanity, of consciousness itself, begins to ascend above the playing field of life.

It rises above the stadium until all the attention of those millions of people merges with a far greater sense of a Universal awareness and then, in rides, into focus, a message, a caption. . . illuminated and before the plain sight of all, and it says;

THERE’S FOOTBALL. . . And then, There is, the GOAL OF LIFE

So it just hangs there right alongside these two million dollar productions about Cheetos and talking frogs and all this really silly nonsense and its just perfect.

But you know what. There are all these limitations of what type of advertisers can actually appear on a Super Bowl commercial. Think about it, ever seen a spiritual message on one of these events, even a glimpse of real consciousness, accept if it is some hint at technology and that usually links intelligence to some computer or machine.

So that becomes the stake that anyone who really desires to find their attunement with the source of life, of their inner being, of their quest to know God must develop an intense desire to overcome much. We have to make all these decisions, daily, and hourly to bring our energy back to that point of consciousness.

So i began to look at my home filled with these pictures of Spiritual beings, images and ideas that i hope have captured an essence of the Divine and i wonder am i still like that little boy that is trying to find my reality in a part of life i admire, i want to believe in, but what have I become?

So that little questions becomes the search for truth and it's very interesting because very soon thereafter i “find" or come across this idea, first to look for this manuscript, that contains some words from Saint Germain delivered through one of his messengers or prophets.

For those that don't know Saint Germain was in the life of Jesus as Joseph, the father of Jesus, so there is very much an affinity with these two representatives of God's Spiritual Kingdom.

So right there Saint Germain is admonishing us that, how can we put pictures up of the Saints and the Masters and Jesus as what, “some adornment to our outer ego?"

And it dawns on me right there about that passage in scripture, “Faith without works is dead. " So in really a universally broad way of truth it really matters little what your religion is that you believe, but if we are lukewarm or not really willing to follow in the way of the example of Christ or the path of the Christ Consciousness we are really hardly better off that almost no spiritual path at all.

Somewhere in my being, it became clear how easily, we could depart from the grace of hearing God's word or direction in our lives. It is not automatic that we just get it back. It takes work. It also takes energy, the application of drawing out in a devotional way the process we can begin to redirect our energy, which can also be termed our attention and give it back to our higher self, our God awareness.

Two things came to my mind, one was that i needed to make an effort to connect with the flame of Jesus and secondly was how i could re-apply myself in the rituals of devotion, part of which is prayer and mantras taught as 7th ray rituals (see Violet Flame Q & A, from this site) from Saint Germain, the scientific aspect of prayer and the use of the Violet Flame, which regardless of what Christian affiliation presents is an aspect of the Holy Spirit. In other words it works because of the graces of the Holy Spirit, not because it is or is not, a recommendation of a religious doctrine.

The other preparation was the necessity to enter into a spirit of self correction, even for those that can handle it some act of penance, which really proceeds a desire of the soul to makes amends and enter into atonement, which in progressive revelation through the Masters means finding at-one-ment, with. . . GOD.

So there has to be the spirit of the desire for self-correction or surrender to God's will, before we might begin to see evidence in our lives, this law of love really can work for us.

Which brings up another misnomer or inaccuracies that many people who try and lump those they describe as New Age’rs, is that all those who are categorized as New Age are of the same belief. In fact just as there are devoted Christians or Christian Mystics who can accept the precepts of re-incarnation and karma, there are present individuals within the schools of New Thought, who also firmly place in the center of their understanding, the mainstays of traditionally held Christian teachings.

One, which bleeds through, is the awareness of the pitfalls to the soul that becomes carnally minded.

Again, this is an important premise, because carnality does not just mean indulgences in the appetites of the flesh or only the temporal experiences we seek after, to the avoidance of inner fulfillment. It also means becoming aware of that aspect of ourselves, which we may have accepted as our individuality. Which could very much be in conflict with our highest good or the potential of our Soul to accomplish this.

So without this understanding, the carnal self can actually overpower the soul, even to its detriment. Where do we think self-sabotage comes from? So the soul very much needs help from the effects of carnal mindedness. That is why we find help in the form of Spirit and God's perfecting energies, personified by those beings of Light, like Jesus that have overcome, the carnal minded or synthetic self. This wholeness is also held in the auras of Angels, and Ascended Beings and of course the path of Light itself.

Now, one of the choices we can make is to really understand the Mission of Jesus Christ, which in essence is also the same as Saint Germain or any being of light that has progressed in the integration of Cosmic law and salvation (self-elevation) of the soul required for unification with Spirit.

In another clarification Jesus’ mission was to establish the EXAMPLE that all souls who desire to become one with Spirit, the Universal Father, must accomplish. No where did Jesus’ true teaching circumvent that each individual soul must gain his or her own mastery by free will application, striving and love the path of overcoming that leads to her Victory.

This is the same proclaiming of any true Ascended Master who on inner levels are one with Jesus and all the Saints and Beings of light in the Heavenly State.

It can become rather easily that those also who are affinitized and embrace many aspects of New Age or New Thought Spirituality might be inclined to arbitrarily choose those aspects of Universal Law that suit the outer personality rather than the truth and law of own inner being.

Now it might be helpful to revisit the understanding of how devotional practices can assist us in coming to a higher understanding and getting a clearer insight how truth is revealed at the soul level.

Another way is looking at the word “devotional". Now devotion in a simple understanding means, devote-to or assign specific energies. What is it are we trying to accomplish? Is it trying to find the inner voice of our God Self, our voice of conscience? Perhaps we desire a divine direction, that an angel may whisper guidance to us, or the voice of the Christ, lest we hear?

So we have to DEVOTE something to accomplish this. Is it a ritual, like communion in prayer or meditation or can clarity, be helped by giving up or ceasing energetic investments we know are not bringing us freedom? Could it be behaviors, indulgences or habits? Even the possibly innocent and seemingly positive degree and amount of energy we “devote" to causes like our work. How easy is it to find ourselves, with no time or schedule for any inner life or sense of co-measurement to the finer energies and intimations of Spirit?

I had a recent example where i was basically advised or directed by my higher self to go to a place where others of like minded consciousness had gathered and were giving a form of prayerful devotions called decrees.

I had to overcome some personal resistances, even considerations that there might be individuals that could be there, that i was having conflicts with. So i really had to practice a twelve-step theme that says, “Principles over Personalities. " But again there was this energy block to me going. Was it inside myself or some other thing? Maybe both.

So i arrived at this location and tried to find a parking place and after a while maybe i was looking for a way out, an excuse, not to go.

But i tried to focus on service and overcoming my personal issues and remember i want to do the work for Saint Germain, for the good of the causes of God and i had to sacrifice the uncomfortable-ness of my ego.

Sure enough, a parking space just opened up right in front of the building, like it was waiting for me.

Even when i got inside, there was already a service in progress which several people were “invoking" the energies of Light and directing the Spiritual Power we access through contacting and drawing forth that realm of Spiritual assistance on behalf of problem areas on the planet.

There is this other accepted teaching that as we draw down the purity of the energies of light, it first contacts, then activate these pockets of energy already present in different levels of our subconscious and unconscious.

The basic teaching of the use of the Violet Flame is while it is performing its transmutation, (the alchemical process from which denser substance of energy is brought up to its higher potential or state), we could have memories or see these images or scenes, even feeling “pass before" our minds eye, as its going away or intended to.

We have to maintain a sense of Vigilance and let it go into the flame, not re-create it or entertain it by giving it attention. So we very much have to be that lever, that point of higher self, which decides we will surrender, this or that memory, this feeling that is coming up, that supposedly forgotten wrong done do us, or some sense of loss or pain we have been a part of.

So, were giving forth various calls and invocations as well as prayers and decrees to the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael and i felt like my level of focus and even my sense of devotion was a little behind. You can feel these things when you are getting into the attunement of the group energy and trying to get your momentum up to speed, which is really an acceleration and that is another reason why when your doing “Spiritual Work. " that it does work, because you “notice” a certain change that is needed or trying to occur. It becomes an inner knowing.

It works because we as an individual make the decision to first by our free will to enter into the work of ordaining a Spiritual Answer to our prayers or requests we give our energies over as an offering, or a higher chalice so that there is a sufficient platform for these higher energies to be contained. There also has to be a sense of surrender in our individual selves.

So there is a significant degree of responsibility on behalf of the individual. If we are going through that inner process of purifying our energies, before we reach the accelerated state that higher spiritual energies begin to coalesce and come into form, we are quite literally working through our stuff.

We have to kind of dig in, maintain and decide not to give up. That is the component we must provide. That is our part. So one could say there is a price to pay, we must give of our energies and our devotions, so that the Spiritual realm of cosmic energies and beings of light, like Jesus and Saint Germain as well as numberless angels can act on our behalf in this world of form.

Now that may be a difficult premise to accept, that not all occurs by grace, but there is very much a necessary seed or investment we must make on this level, but one can also thinks it makes good sense. It's practical. Really why would the Spiritual and Physical Universe work any different, there has to be a necessary cause and effect, a law of action, that compels a greater action, a multiplication where we provide really a token of energy because the heavenly etheric realms are so benevolent God does grant us a tremendous grace and answer or calls. Still you would think we would do more of this, giving even a reasonable time and energy but, do we?

And it goes back to where i was at in that service with those people and there was this pretty rugged period before it got better, before i cut through, where all sorts of reasons to not do this, to not keep going were coming up. It is really an interesting study to watch the mind and the psychology that is really rather lazy and can act very sluggish, when there could be a greater good just around the bend.

That's probably another description of the carnal mindedness that's doesn't assail us with a really overt attack, where we notice something is undermining us. It can come with a subtle entree into our feeling world with discouragement, doubt and another favorite giving us an image or picture or something we might perceive as more pleasurable.

That is probably such an ingrained fabric of the human consciousness that could easily counter our efforts, even fairly strong intentions to keep our attunement.

Yet there is a very sufficient recourse that we have as souls on the path. We do have access to our higher self, to a Spiritual hierarchy, that even by calling on the names of the Masters or Angels we have established a point of contact. Even that simple momentary point of contact, can be sufficient to re-anchor our energies, the direction of the spiral of energy we are on.

Each day we are afforded an opportunity to mature in this understanding and role we play as co-creators with heaven and providence working to fill this form and plane. With each lesson, each interaction, every choice, The Energy is drawing us, smiling on us, loving us, giving to us, life’s lessons, not always saving us from consequences, but willing to give us that attunement we seek, that would set us free, if we would only truly desire it so.

Please feel free to contact me, at sirronald@earthlink.net if you have any questions or comments. If you would like to see the pictures and illustrations that go with this article, click the following


Ron Henry writes a range of personal, down to earth articles focusing on a more insightful sometimes Spiritual, Mystical purposes and discovery. Hopefully these articles stand alone as inspiration and even sometimes, whimsy and wit to a contemplative side of Life.

Most of these and others have been posted in the navigation bar of http://www.missionsaintgermain.com that explores Ron's research and experiences with Saint Germain, Ron has perceived since childhood


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