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This could have been titled, The Book of Bill, or The Book of Linda, or the Book of You. Every individual is worthy of their own book to be written about them. Every individual has a poetry about them. Every person has a story, has someone who has brought them into this world, has experienced different degrees of love, has been fed, clothed, slept and awakened; and every person has given a bit of wisdom to this world.

Some of my favorite books would be about:

  • My dad – who loves the northwoods and the harshness of winter and the stamina of the human spirit

  • My cousin - artist of clay, lint, glass, etc. , who has an uncommon elegance and can transform any material object into that elegance

  • My friend from work - intelligent and searching, she brings her microscopic inquisitiveness to the issues of every day

  • The gentle and steady nature of a new friend - although struggling through a difficult time, maintains a hope and a grace.

    When I was a kid, whenever we needed to pick someone up at the airport, my cousins and I would dress up and go early, so we could watch people. We would sit quietly and just wonder at them, wonder where they were going, who they were going to see, what they were going to do. The arrivals area was always hopping.

    It was in this attentive watchfulness that I learned there is no difference between the young, old, rich, poor, badly dressed and exquisitely dressed. To me, people were always swirling around love, connectedness and beauty.

    But there seemed to be a universal need to understand more of who we are and where we come from. We need to know this, because we are wired to know this - it comes from the primitive nature of who we are – spiritual beings born of Love and Truth. Indeed, Love and Truth are our guiding forces, our guiding light, leading us home to where we always thought we should be.

    It is a progressively ascending circuitous path. (1)We feel we should be loved, connected and beautiful, so (2)we seek out those things, only to find that (3)they have been a part of us all along, but only in a much higher way.

    I'll leave you with three inspiring messages that confirm our beauty and connectedness, and our worthiness for a book to be written about each of us.

  • “Wings of Desire", a film by German director Wim Wenders whose images of angels with us reminds me that we are never alone.

  • Mother Theresa, who sees the Christ in every one she helps. “I see God in every human being. When I wash the leper's wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?" - 1974 interview

  • And a confirmation from the Bible that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made. " Psalms 139:14

    From the Book of Kim,

    Kim Crooks Korinek, CS

    As a Christian Science practitioner and inspirational writer, Kim is on a never ending quest to understand the healing power and richness of God's love. Her life's main highlights are: being raised in a vigorously creative and prayerful environment; living in Guatemala for a season which launched her love of globetrotting for all kinds of reasons; and mostly, marrying into a huge family and having two sons.

    These experiences have given her a passion and direction in exploring the height, depth and breadth of life which she now shares with family and friends, through her Christian Science practice and in her ongoing prayer work for the world. Life is good.

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