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Innovative Leadership Solutions Depend On Innovative Learning Solutions

Bill Thomas

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Are innovative leadership solutions essential ingredients in all your training programs? Does your organization need programs containing innovative learning solutions using innovative training workshops and similar techniques?

Innovative solutions are what today's training workshops, seminars and courses need to help trainers deliver learning insights, results and outcomes for the success of their enterprises.

When business, government, community and public service organizations employ programs focusing on creative leadership solutions, they will quickly transform their leaders, knowledge professionals and customer-facing teams into innovative, strategic, visionary thinkers or operators.

But what reliable ways can you use to build, reinforce and expand the learning skills of your people and enable them to produce a greater quantity and quality of leadership training solutions for your organization?

Our research study results and practical training experiences uncovered these fascinating details:

  1. We've counted 19 innovative leadership behaviors, traits and strategic perspectives which produce executives, professionals and managers who are innovation leaders
  2. Many people show an native affinity for 1 or more of those 19 traits, we think everyone can learn and master more of those innovation-producing behaviors
  3. Clever learning solutions give learners ways to carry on their education without having to suffer through another set of formal lessons or courses
  4. Unique training workshop materials along with their class schedules can be creatively blended together to help learners acquire greater knowledge and develop deep understanding of core ideas
  5. Earnest efforts to create leadership solutions leads to effective, realistic innovative learning solutions and methods for future training workshops

Innovative Learning Solution-1

The 19 innovative leadership behaviors we identified make it easy for leaders to expertly perform the 3 primary tasks necessary to ensure the enrichment or growth of their people and themselves:

  1. Engage: hearts, minds, hands and wills;
  2. Empower: skills, performances and competencies;
  3. Encourage: endeavors, strengths and confidence

These tasks apply regardless of a leader's choice to adopt leadership styles and innovative strategies, such as: “Effectiveness Junkie"; “Impassioned Player"; “Grand-Planner" and others.

Innovative Learning Solution-2

Your innovative training workshops or materials should give students an environment, context and interactivity in which they can observe, assess or evaluate, practice and apply as well as improve their mastery of those 19 leadership roles.

The environmental factors involved in their training must allow for their development of or experimentation with innovative organizational designs, staffing solutions and assignments, as well as, ensuring learners have an opportunities to launch, assess, lead or manage other structurally-focused, operationally-oriented or culturally-directed innovative initiatives.

Give your executive leadership training clients the ways and means they will need to be able to work in different contexts, such as, working with the engineering or marketing departments, working with community service organizations on events where your company has taken a sponsorship role, or allow your learners to implement or supervise innovative initiatives rather than plan or create those campaigns.

Your innovative leadership team members can be encouraged to find ways to richly, robustly and religiously interact with

  • Each team member as they work together on resolving the challenges found within their unique situations (e. g. , contexts, functions, projects, etc. );
  • Other colleagues and associates (technical, sales, hourly, salaried, part-time, etc. ) within your organization as those people are engaged in their daily tasks and environments;
  • Your organization's partners (joint venture, strategic, affiliates, etc. ), distributors, suppliers and service providers;
  • Your corporate stakeholders including your neighbors, community, government, investors or owners, special interest and watchdog groups

Innovative Learning Solution-3

If your leadership training workshops involve the supervised application, practice and assessment of a client's skills in real-life, mission-critical, production-driven situations, those leaders are certain to enjoy the benefits of a continuing education without having to endure the drudgery of formal, stale classroom lectures.

Your supervision of client progress could be as easy as reading their weekly one-page progress reports, consulting or meeting with the student for 45-60 minutes once a month, asking students to teach a class or workshop on 3 to 5 leadership skills or principles they have had to use during the last three months.

Your desire to discover, groom and deploy innovative leadership solutions for your organization can be easily satisfied. Of course, you will need to adjust, finesse and evaluate the descriptions and definitions for those 19 innovative leadership solutions which best fit/apply to your organizational model, culture and industry.

My suggestions can take you further down the road by helping you create, build and manage your own set of unique innovative learning solutions. You simply use the ideas for conducting innovative training workshops and continuing educational sessions presented in this article.

When you do, you will be pleased to find your team generating, spawning and sprouting forth innovative solutions in all seasons, regardless of the competitive forces, complex situations or thorny challenges facing your organization.

Copyright © 2008, Mustard Seed Investments Inc. , All rights reserved.

Bill Thomas conducts innovative leadership training programs for Awesome Leaders and Innovative Leaders - he helps professionals, managers, supervisors, executives, entrepreneurs and directors by providing focused leadership subjects, coaching and consulting support, practical exercises, tons of powerful tools and energetic interactions with clients.

His cost-effective innovative training workshops, programs and innovative learning solutions are guaranteed to maximize the returns on your investment.

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