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3 Simple Steps To Changing Your Life Using The Power Of Thought


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The single greatest power any person holds, in fact the greatest single power in the Universe, is the power of thought. Everything we see in our world, every creation is a result of thought. Most of our lives are the result of human kind's thought, sometimes from a singular human (such as the light bulb) sometimes collective (such as the nations we live in). On a smaller and no less grand scale, is the life you live. How rich or poor, how healthy or ill, surrounded by friends and family or alone, successful or unsuccessful, all are reflections of the state of what your thoughts. What you think makes you or breaks you, takes you up or tears you down, strengthens you or weakens you. Your thoughts make your destiny.

The world around you is a clear reflection of the thoughts you think - the friends you have, your workplace, your family and even the strangers you encounter, all reflect the state of your thoughts.

There is no limit to what your thoughts can do for you. There is no judgement in thought. It has a life form of its own, still beyond the capability of science to measure. It is a spiritual force, omnipotent and constant. It is that which matches us with God. Thoughts align you with circumstances and events to build a life of your dreams, or with circumstances and events of unbearable suffering and misery.

Control over our thought is our unique human gift, and puts the power of thought in your hands. No-one can take it from you. No-one can make you think anything. It is a gift of such immense power that it literally changes the world you live in. More accurately, it changes the way you interpret, interact and react to the world you live in - giving you the perception that the world has changed. Your thoughts are the basis of your actions, and actions are the expression of thought. Choose successful thoughts and your actions will lead to a successful life - however you choose success to be.

You have the power to choose - God's greatest gift to mankind.

A Practical Application Of The Power Of Thought.

First of all, changing your life is not as hard as many self-help gurus would have you believe. Remember, your life is a reflection of your thoughts.

It is not possible to experience a “good day" when thinking negative or destructive thoughts all day. As you brood over self-pity, bad luck, unfortunate circumstances, hold your grudges, fume over your anger, fuss over injustices, rail against the establishment, gossip about others, you simply generate more of the same for yourself. Your actions will be based on fear, anger, hurt, jealousy, and other such related emotions - it is impossible to do otherwise.

1 - When you find yourself having a bad day, bring your awareness to the thoughts you are thinking. While you may not see a direct correlation between the outcome you are observing and the thoughts you are thinking, you will feel the positive or negative nature of your thoughts in your gut.

2 - Next, release judgment - judgment of you for the thoughts you are thinking and for the situation you are observing or experiencing that may be prompting those thoughts. Understand that thoughts simply are - they are neither “good" nor “bad", they simply cause outcomes that are desirable or not.

3 - Finally, reach for a thought that feels better. Don't try to think the sunniest, happiest, shiniest thought you ever thought; simply reach for a thought that feels better in your gut than the one you're currently thinking. It may be slow-going at first, but the outcome will be worth the effort. Look for something positive in the situation, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. Then focus more thoughts on that particular aspect. This is how you're engaging the power aspect of thought. Focus, and keep thinking thought that feel similar to the one you just thought, and then a little bit better. As you engage with the power of thought, you will notice the thoughts gaining momentum and becoming easier to conjure. You will know you have been effective when you start to feel lighter in your gut and in your body.

Congratulations! You just turned your day around. And one day at a time, your life.

"Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be. "
Henry David Thoreau

Jennifer Elliott is known as one of Australia's leading executive management and organisational change consultants. For the past seventeen years she has worked with success-driven individuals, delivering workshops and on-going coaching services. Previously only available at her seminars, best-selling “the Power of Focus" workbook and CD kit are now available online. click here => the Power of

the power of thought

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