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Custom Subliminal Messages - How to Create Your Own Custom Subliminal Message Products

Robert D. Watson

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Whenever you’re feeling trapped or lost, you can utilize the help of custom subliminal messages to help you generate a new alternative. A subliminal message is a message hidden in an audio or visual. Our conscious mind cannot detect these messages but these messages directly influences our subconscious and may lead our subconscious in a certain direction. Thus, utilizing a set of custom subliminal messages, targeted towards helping you achieve your goals, can be an incredible boost to your ability to generate change in your life. You can use custom subliminal messages to do almost anything, from helping you lose weight or quit smoking, to helping you boost your self confidence or improve vocabulary skills. The list of uses for custom subliminal messages is endless!

We all know that subliminal messages influence our subconscious. Mostly they have been portrayed as negative and so many of us think that they are only meant to hurt our personality or might lead us into a wrong direction. But little do we know that using positive, custom subliminal messages can help us achieve our goal. The basic factor behind this is to listen or watch a subliminal message very often. You will indeed find a positive change in yourself and thus one step closer to your goal. Subliminal messages need not be only related to a certain topic but by using custom subliminal messages with variety of topics can also do no harm.

The reason that you want a personalized and custom subliminal message over a generic subliminal CD or a regular hypnosis CD is because you want to have full control over what is on that CD. Not everyone is going to take the time to learn how to utilize the best subliminal messages possible to help you, and some products can do more harm than good if done incorrectly. In addition, sometimes you need to deal with your problem in a way that is different from the normal. By having the ability to customize your subliminal messages, you can take complete ownership of the process and all but guarantee your results.

Custom subliminal messages includes subliminal messages related to love, friendship, weight loss, perform at work, and quitting bad habits. Using custom subliminal messages on children has been shown to help them feel more confident and help them perform better at school.

Visiting a local hypnotist, you may be able to have them create a custom subliminal message CD for you, but it will cost you. Hypnotists can charge as much as $75 per CD if you have it customized. One of the better, and cheaper options is to create your own custom subliminal message CDs.

Custom subliminal messages software have been released which allow you to create your own custom subliminal message CDs. This software, along with a decent book about subliminal messaging and affirmations, can help you to start creating your own effective custom subliminal messages to play on CD anytime. This software is much easier to use than it may sound at first, because more of than not, all you need to do is record your messages and select the song or noise to play in the background.

In addition to CDs and music, you can also find software which flashes subliminal messages across the screen at you while you are working on your computer. When working with this kind of software, you may notice a little blip of light flashing across the screen, and you may even be able to follow the messages around, but they will flash by too quickly for you to comprehend consciously. You don't even have to be attentive or concentrate on the messages for them to be effective, since they affect your subconscious. These kinds of programs also allow you to create a custom subliminal message set to play back.

The main thing to notice is that however you want to do it, it is quite simple to get access to custom subliminal messages in your life. You can take the simple route and have someone else make you a custom subliminal message CD, or you can do the work yourself and get a much more quality and personalized product made. The best part is, doing it yourself can save you a ton of money in the long run, since you can use the software again and again.

Robert Watson is a certified hypnotherapist with the ABH and the NGH, and has worked with affirmations and subliminal messages for over ten years. Visit his website for more information about using affirmations and subliminal messages to help you lose weight, quit smoking, have a more positive outlook and more.


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