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We oft times come upon a problem or emergency that seems to not have a viable solution. However, if one concentrates on a solution or even does a little planning, one can overcome almost anything.

I want to share with you procedures and temporary solutions to inconvenient situations.


You may want to try this:

You probably remember where you store your aluminum foil and plastic in the kitchen. Carefully place yourself in the kitchen, locate the drawer. Even though you don't have your glasses and can't see well, you can feel. If you take out a roll of something, by feel you'll be able to tell the difference between plastic and aluminum foil.

For your situation, you want the aluminum foil.

Carefully pull off about 18" of the stuff. You say, what a goof this writer is. I can't see and he wants me to tear off a detail amount. Well, you can guess the length. Hold the roll in you left hand and pull out a length equal to the length of an open newspaper. You want to pull off enough aluminum foil so that the sheet could wrap around your head!

Now, you want to tear off about a three inch piece of the stuff longwise. Try to find a pencil, a small fork, a toothpick. Since you can't see very well, this may take some time.

Now, punch holes in the foil about 1/4 inch apart. Don't worry about the accuracy, nobody's measuring. You want to punch out about thirty holes in the middle of the foil. They don't have to be in rows, just random. You should make the hole punched area about 10" long and about 2’ wide.

Make sure that the punched hole are small but do go through the aluminum foil.

As they say in test taking, “Pencils down please. "

Now, feel. Make sure that the side of foil that you punched is up-that is, that side is facing you.

Now wrap the foil around you head in front of your eyes. Make sure that you do not put the foil so that it will touch your eyes. Keep the strip lightly flushed with your temples. Attach the foil strip to you head by twisting the two end in the back. This part is easy since the foil scrunches easily.

You should be able to make things out clearly through the small punched holes in front of your eyes.

Don't thank me. Just try to save up to get a second pair of glasses.


Can't Record Tape Cassette- Somebody probably punched out the tabs on the top of the cassete. Cover the tabs with a small strip of clear tape. This will usually let you record on the tape. This also works for video tapes. Like you want to record something important but you don't have a blank tape. Just tape over your most despised movie in your collection.

Uses For The Metal Coat Hanger-Temporary radio aerial, use to secure round items like pipes in your garage, or make a temporary hook.

Crooked Picture On Wall-Take a small piece of masking tape and make a circle. That is, you have sticky stuff on all sides of the outward tape. Use this small piece behind the picture to align it on the wall. Make sure that the surface of the wall will not be damaged by the tape. If you are not sure, don't do it.

Thank you for visiting my article. As they say in the city, “Have a nice day. "


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