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James Smith

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So am I alone, or am I what they would consider the “NORM?"

I have never really felt like I plug-in to society. The mainstream has never really captured my heart or my imagination.

Why not?

Well, my observations tell me of things that are not as they appear. A smile may not really be a smile. Kind words may be a prelude to an attack. (Interesting enough as I am writing this I am “SURPRISED" by my words. . . )

No, I don't see the world as a violent place. Rather the life that “THEY" say we should be living appears to be more about “SURVIVAL" and the “FEAR" of no tomorrow or arriving at tomorrow (which is today) without enough to live.

People, you know humans, each and everyone of us, including me, have the amazing ability to do anything if the pressure is focused on the right spot and the focus is given enough energy.

The norm strikes me as something more akin to a pressure cooker. A cooker that is turned up a degree each day. As the temperature rises so too does the numbness.

Once the numbness is integrated then we become open to what “THEY" say our life should be like. You know: a bigger house, 2 1/2 children, a picket fence or the notion of “leave it to Beaver, " and the list goes on.

Probably the most distressing notions of the norm, for me, are “life is a bitch, then you die, " “nothing is guaranteed except taxes, and death, " “people in hell want ice water too, " “life is hard, " and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Who made all of this up, and if you were not so numb would you really choose to live like that. . . really would you?

The norm ends life broke, and awake to the fact that they are about to drown as the illusionary raft that “THEY" taught us to build is suddenly gone.

Suddenly drowning, and it can be a prolonged experience an experience that no doubt leaves little time to appreciate what it was like to have the raft. Or is it that the memories are quite vivid and we then are able to now create our own numbness with what we learned from “THEM!"

All of that and still, what I wouldn't give to feel plugged in, just for a day. A day of feeling like I belong, a day of being a part.

It is crazy, wouldn't you agree, why would being normal even matter? Because somewhere along the line, I just like you, bought into the notion that “THEY" know more about how my life than I.

The norm. . . like candy. . . can make you sick. I am often quite satisfied with a few licks or chews of a delicious piece of candy. Finishing it is rarely the object of my desire.

Really, I would much rather enjoy the candy than consume.

Do you feel like you are normal and does it even matter for you?

Have an AMAZING day, being YOU!

James Smith

I am James Smith, and I would love to know more about you.

Are you living your best life? If not I can show you how!

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