Serendipity - Chance or Destiny?


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What a coincidence! Or is it? Whenever we have a ‘spooky’ or uncanny moment when something happens that gives us goose pimples we know we are experiencing serendipity. Thinking of your mother and then she calls you? Talking about someone and then they show up? Happens a lot doesn’t it?

We often talk about serendipity, when things happen so strangely yet so perfectly that it leaves us scratching our heads with the feeling that there is somebody ‘out there’ pulling the strings. Is serendipity destiny or just pure coincidence? You decide, but life has a wonderful way of making things happen. For instance, you miss a bus to work but your neighbor gives you a ride instead and it just so happens that in your conversation they tell you something that changes your life a little. Now if you hadn’t missed the bus, your life would not have changed…maybe!

Is it a coincidence or was it really meant to happen? How do you interpret it? What ‘coincidences’ have influenced your life so far?

If things happen for a reason then serendipity is the moment when that ‘thing’ that is meant to happen happens. It is part of your destiny and appears to us to be merely a coincidence or even an accident (if we like logical explanations). Whatever path you are on in life and whether you believe in serendipity or not, you will find that in truth, there is much we can’t predict. Sure, we can set goals and create our own futures but there will always be instances we have no control over.

When you let go of being in control all the time, and be open to serendipitous moments, life will take on a more magical form. You’ll start to notice small coincidences and moments that make no sense at first, but after a time make all the sense in the world. There will also be huge moments that totally change your life like for example my friend Nicki literally bumped into Mike on the street. That’s how they met, got talking and are now married expecting their second child. Coincidence? No! Destiny? Absolutely!

You can give your destiny a helping hand by being clear about what you want in life. Do so and watch how things start to happen to bring it together. Experiment because it can be truly magical! First, think of one thing you truly want. Be clear and state it positively. Now wait. I bet that something will happen sooner or later inline with your wish! I have seen it happen to myself and others so many times it’s just not funny. Have a go and see what happens!

Top Ten Tips: How to Let Go a Little

1. Give yourself permission 2. Know that letting go doesn’t mean loosing out 3. Stop saying ‘but what if…?’ 4. Have faith that your destiny will be great 5. Focus on what you already have 6. Share the load with a willing person 7. If you cannot control or change it, forget it 8. Accept your limitations 9. Forgive and forget 10. Enjoy and cherish the moment

Alexandra is a Happiness Expert and author of The Happiness System for Women. New for 2006 is her ultimate Happiness System 2006 for those who are ready to make the New Year a truly happy one. For more info contact her directly at or visit


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