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The act of celebrating naturally inspires a sense of abundance and blessing. To celebrate is to delight in the gift, so it puts us in a very positive, life-affirming state of mind. Celebration is a high form of praise and of gratitude. Most of us are not into celebrating just for the heck of it. We remember to celebrate holidays and personal events; like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and major achievements like a promotion or retirement. Then we brush off the small wins waiting for the big one. But, isn’t the big success usually the results of a series of small wins?

Celebrating is a matter of choice. And for those who have ultra-high standards or who are our own worst critics, there may be nothing worthy of celebration through an entire lifetime.

A lot of us are starving for good news about ourselves. We get so caught up between where we are and where we hope to be that we forget to pay attention to the things going on in our lives right now. We don’t see what has been accomplished-only how much is left to be done.

By the way, now is a great time to let go of old conditioning that might have indicated that you could not feel good about what you have done lest you travel the downward road to arrogance. Here’s a newsflash for some; to enjoy and celebrate the good does not mean it will be taken from you!

If you accept that celebration is a matter of choice you always have something to celebrate. When you have success, when you accomplish something, enjoy it! Pause, reflect, and rejoice. It doesn't matter if you shout out Whoopee or if you call your best friend to share the news. Just take time to celebrate each success because it anchors positive feelings into your consciousness which will help build the momentum for more success to come. Like attracts like and our feelings are powerful magnets. What accomplishment can you celebrate? Helping someone through a tough time? Losing those five pounds? Giving that presentation? Did you make a new friend, or renew an old friendship? What is success, anyway? Sometimes it is as simple as tying your own shoes.

Also, become accustomed to accepting compliments with grace. Don’t demean anyone sharing an appreciation by saying something like; it was nothing. Anybody would have done the same thing. It goes with the territory. Respond with a simple “Thank you”. You show respect and compliment the person who had the awareness to notice and you allow yourself a [long overdo] pat on the back.

All along, you have been a gift to yourself and to the Universe. You are beautiful, delightful, a joy. You do not have to try harder, be better, be perfect, or be anything you are not.

Life is too important to take seriously -Corky Siegel

Mary Kay is a natural healer, passionate that people discover simplicity and fulfillment in their everyday experiences. She facilitates live events and is available for private and phone consultations. Be sure to visit her website and sign up for her *FREE* Monthly Newsletter, which is filled with inspirational, motivational and helpful information on creating a life you truly love. If you want Mary Kay to speak at an event in your area or you want to contact her: call 702-239-5451 or e-mail .


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