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Your Blissful Life - Your Changes

Timothy A McGinty

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Change is the only thing that is certain in this universe. All things, living or otherwise, experience change on a continuous basis. In order to achieve your blissful life, you must embrace change! You will experience change as you continually achieve and then redefine your blissful life and what it means to you. Just like you, your blissful life is a dynamic, ever-changing definition. These changes typically come in waves like the low and high tides of the ocean. Some people experience them on a regular basis while others experience them less often. One thing is certain though, you will experience them. Embrace your changes as they represent your growth toward new goals, expanding your mind, body and spirit, your world.

In this instance, change is good. Many times, individuals will view change as a bad thing because they are uncertain of how to deal with it. They are allowing their conscious mind to overrule their subconscious mind. It is because of this that any change will quickly send their life and world spinning out of control. If they were to take the time and recognize change for what it is, growth, learning, or experience, they would soon realize that it isn't all bad. They would recognize the lesson to be learned and how the universe was challenging them to challenge themselves to grow in some manner. Once recognized, one can then easily integrate this into their lives. People successfully do this every day and integrate these changes into their lives without even thinking about it. Why? They trust and allow their subconscious mind to absorb all that it needs in order for them to move forward and grow. They know their subconscious mind is always protecting and doing what is best for them at that moment. Their subconscious mind views these changes and only allows those that are useful for them to be integrated into their lives. They experience learn, and grow without even thinking about it. They automatically have a system defined for them that dictates when and how to learn and integrate. These people tend to take any required action automatically. Many of their friends will call them special, gifted, or even lucky.

You, by virtue of reading this article, know exactly what action you need to take in order to integrate your new or redefined goals from your work reading my prior articles. Your conscious process for integrating change is defined and can even be referenced as required. Simply  review my prior article Your Blissful Life: Your Action and walk through the process you have used in the past. Lucky, regardless of what type of individual you are, you have a process defined for yourself. It doesn't matter which process you use, either works just fine. It is this experience that provides you comfort in knowing that you will achieve your new goals because both processes work. Your outcome will be exactly what you want. As long as you follow the process, you can achieve exactly what you desire. That's right, everything you want, just the way you want it. Awesome!

Since my initial discovery of my blissful life, I have experienced a tremendous amount of growth. This growth has impacted just about every part of my being over the last three years. However, I am totally comfortable with the impacts because I-just as you do now-had the tools to apply the changes to each respective “part" to ensure that my goal for that part was very clear. I then ensured that these new goals were congruent with my other parts. Finally, I reviewed my personal action plan to determine if I needed to make any adjustments based on my new goals for myself. Where I used to shy away from change, I now embrace it. Change is an indication that I am forever growing and learning and expanding as the unique individual that I am. I do not place limits on myself and this has allowed me to expand and grow at an accelerated rate. This is exactly what I defined for my student part. I am and forever will be a student of life. Regardless of the growth or the area in which I grow, I use the above process to integrate change in to my life. Which process I utilize depends upon a number of items such as how I am feeling at that moment, what part of my journey I am on, what part is being impacted, and the change itself.

I encourage you to be totally open to your personal growth and, ultimately, change. Once you define the change and what it means to you, integrate it to ensure you remain congruent.

I recommend that you, at a minimum, review your growth annually. Some individuals review their goals quarterly. Some like to revisit their goals on a monthly basis. Others, like myself, revisit their goals and integrate any changes on an as needed basis. When I feel a shift occur within me, it is a change indicator for me. It indicates that I need to rest, recognize the changes, integrate them, and make any necessary adjustments in my plan. This enables me to ensure that my goals are always accurate. You will get to the point in your life, just as I have, where the recognition, integration and adjustments occur almost naturally, without much effort. It becomes this easy because you utilize the process so often that it becomes second nature to you.

As I said before, you are forever changing and growing. How you deal with your growth determines if you are able to remain happy throughout your life.

Mr. Timothy A. McGinty is the published co-author of the highly regarded Wake Up. . . Live the Life You Love® series. This series is a collaborative effort with such inspirational leaders as Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracey, Steven E, and Lee Beard.

Mr. McGinty is also the author of “Your Blissful Life", a book which takes the reader by the hand and walks them through a process for defining their “Blissful Life" and the action plan for achieving it.

Imagine Yourself. . . is an organization focused on enabling clients “breakthrough" in achieving their success. Mr. McGinty has helped many organizations and individuals discover their passion, define the life balance they seek, develop strategies for achieving that balance, and held them accountable for reaching their goals. His clients have been so successful that Mr. McGinty is known as “The Breakthrough Guy"

Imagine Yourself. . .
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