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Staying Cheerful


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Every one of us is not lucky to be happy at all times. We do have our ups and downs and tragedy times. But sometimes, sorrow catches up on us too quick making itself a home within us. Then being sad is only a day's routine. As we think nothing will change. And so life goes on.

Well that's why the saying goes, ‘look at the glass half full', have an optimistic approach to life and things will fall in place. But it is not everybody's cup of tea you will say. To manage loans, debts, family, children and dependants and a meagre income can only scare one to run into the tragedy ditch.

To be happy one must understand what it is that triggers happiness or unhappiness. Well, it is the brain that controls these emotions. The brain transmits the messages and then these are transmitted further to the required organ. Research has found that the brain is controlled by the endocrine glands.

So passion, emotions, desires, feelings and behaviour are controlled by the endocrine glands. There are two important glands in our body called the pituitary gland and the adrenaline gland. The pituitary gland is the size of a pea and it secretes nine types of hormones. For instance when a young girl looks at a handsome boy, she touches up her hair and her face. Makes her dress proper and sits more appropriately. This all happens subconsciously due to a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

The adrenaline is resultant to development of the reproductive organs and the brain. It helps concentrations, muscle growth, smooth breathing and development of physical resistance.

If the secretion of any of these glands is less or more, it leads to an imbalance and that causes irritation, gloominess, feeling low and unhappy.

Research says that if you can control these glands then you will be a happier person than you will ever know. One way of controlling the hormone is through yoga. Simple breathing exercises help you feel your body. While doing the asanas, feel every muscle that is stretched instead of just doing it as an exercise.

Seclude yourself for sometime at home and do rhythmic breathing exercises. Do this everyday and you will be refreshed and happier, able to combat petty issues and resolve them to your advantage. Remember staying happy is your prerogative and only you can do something about it.

Refer some interesting thought for the day , friendship quotes and English proverbs that could help you in relieving your tensions.


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