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Why People Are Miserable and Try to Spread Misery

Michael Allen

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Watching Ted Nugent on Criss Angel's Mindfreak, I recognized something that I had never quite realized. Ted Nugent is known as the Alpha Male and he can easily intimidate people he's around without even trying. Criss Angel has his own share of success and is a man among men himself. They got along great and they worked together nicely.

What does that mean for miserable people? There are plenty of implications. Let's take a closer look at the scenario.

Ted Nugent is a great guy. He doesn't go around trying to intimidate people. In fact, he tries to make people feel great about themselves and if there is anything he can offer others to help them become greater people, he will. But, a lesser man will tend to cower in his presence because he doesn't feel worthy.

Criss Angel is worthy. He has proven himself. He has risen through the ranks and has amassed his own share of success. He has no reason to feel dwarfed by Ted Nugent. If anything at all, he is of equal stature as a celebrity and can stand shoulder to shoulder in the same room.

So, that brings us to the miserable people. There are several reasons why a person would be miserable. Some people are living the wrong life. They aren't who they should have been. Sure, we are taught from our youth that we can be anything we want to be. That is definitely true.

But when a person would be perfect being a mechanic and his life decisions lead him to flipping hamburgers, then his life didn't end up where it would have made him happiest. He would do himself a world of good if he just worked his way into the life he deserves no matter what he had to do to make it happen. Take on more evening hours flipping hamburgers and work through a mechanic school by day to get where he needs to be.

The thing is that he needs to quit thinking about it and get to it. Each day provides a new opportunity to do one thing for yourself. No matter what it is, we become better people if we at least do one thing that makes ourselves that much better. When you are a protagonist, it makes you more miserable. Days become weeks. Weeks turn into months and before long years have passed. If you haven't done anything to better yourself in that time, you realize how much time you've wasted and you become more miserable.

Another type of miserable person is very similar only this time the person is not who he thinks he is. In our minds, we have a perception of self. Some of us are accurate. Some of us are dead wrong. That leads to a miserable person.

If a guy thinks he embodies integrity, dignity and honor, but finds himself caught up in a lie, he realizes that he is not who he thinks he is. Then when he meets someone who actually does embody those traits, he feels dwarfed and that's a miserable situation.

There are more obvious reasons why people are miserable. Sometimes we lose a loved one and that's never a good feeling. Sometimes we don't accomplish what we set out to do and that makes us feel terrible. We are miserable for awhile and then we heal and grow.

But when we realize our lives didn't turn out the way they should have or we start to see ourselves for who we actually are and we don't like what we see, that's a miserable situation of a grander size. We can heal and grow just the same. But, it takes longer to make the changes we see we need.

That's why the greatest people in this world are those who try to make us feel good about ourselves. The greatest people in this world are those who can properly diagnose an idiosyncrasy and offer the easiest path for someone to fix it. The greatest people in this world are those who are sensitive to the misery of others. Because, we have our share of miserable people who love company. What the world needs more of are those who try to take the misery away.

Michael Allen is a controversial and thought provoking writer who takes in depth looks at social and political issues. The author of A Danger to Society and Thoughts and Reconsiderations, he often brings issues to light in Comedic Tragedy, hilarious touches of reason mixed with the inevitable drama of life . Constantly pitting common practice against common sense, visit Michael Allen for free media, reports and other materials. Your Door, My Key!


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