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Joyful Life Work - Making the Decision to Leave your Organization

Sheri Hoff

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Most likely at some point in your life you have found your self working at a job that you do not like. Weighing the decision on whether to stay or leave can be agonizing. Financial security might be at the forefront of your worries and result in a decision to stay. However, you could be keeping yourself from fulfilling work and a more joyful life. You do have the ability to orchestrate a smooth change with minimal disruptions.

If you find yourself in the position where you are questioning your job and/or career, you may be on the brink of a great self discovery. There is no need for an either or decision. Instead of dashing off that letter of resignation, first, consider some exploration into the world of possibility. Take the time to explore areas where you may have interest. Talk to people at different organizations or in different fields. Seek the advice of people who appear happy and fulfilled in their work. Volunteer in an interesting field to give it a test drive.

Think about your true, natural god given gifts. If you feel like you have somehow lost yourself along the corporate ladder, ask a trusted friend or mentor to help you discover or rediscover these gifts and talents. Reflect on your ability to turn these talents into a career. Imagine yourself living the perfect day which includes your life's work. Pay attention to your feelings and thoughts as you unfold that perfect day. Reflect on your life when you were a child. What did you want to be when you pictured your life as a grown up? Contemplating over your gifts, desires, and talent will uncover clues for you regarding your life's work.

As you are exploring your options, this is also the time to check on your finances. Do you have savings that will help you get through a time of training or making less money? If you are changing fields completely, you may have to consider taking a position with less pay for a time period. What about insurance? Will you be able to afford COBRA or will the new insurance kick in right away? Have you checked on purchasing your own health insurance plan? Are you able to roll over your 401k to your new company or will you consider an IRA?

After research, consideration and contemplation, you may be ready to act on your desire to leave. Before making the decision to leave, I do encourage you to think about the option to do your life's work at your current organization. Can your job description be tweaked? Are there projects related to your interests? Is there a training program available or cross training available?

When you have studied your options and alternatives and you realize that your life work requires that you leave your organization, rest assured that you have made a deliberate, conscientious decision to pursue fulfilling, meaningful work which is a path to living a joyful life. I wish you well on your journey.

Life is Joyful Career and Life Coach Sheri Hoff


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