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You Want To Live A Happy Life? Follow These Simple Steps

Gail M. Davis

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The way to live a happy life is to find something that you love doing and find a way to make it your career! You read all the time about “finding your passion. " I never used to know what that meant. It seems like a word that is so overused.

I've discovered that being passionate about something means that you lose yourself when you're doing it. The hours fly by and the next time you look at the clock, four or five hours are gone. Working an eight-hour day is practically a day off because 10-15 hour days are normal. You go to sleep at night thinking of this subject and wake up in the morning thinking of it. You can't wait to get back to the work-in fact, you don't even think of it as work. The subject of your passion is never far from your mind and you find yourself jotting down little notes wherever you are so that you don't forget a particular idea to add or explore. It is my opinion that few people are lucky enough to discover their passions and even fewer are able to make a living from them. Never quit exploring though-keep looking and you may be one of the lucky ones!

Another secret to a happy life, and one that we don't pay enough attention to as young people, is being healthy and active. It may seem cliché but if you don't have your health, then it's difficult to have peace of mind. Peace of mind is essential for a happy life!

When pursuing a happy life, you'll want to make sure you spend your life with people you enjoy! Notice I didn't say people you love. We can certainly love people that we may not enjoy being around on a regular basis. Choose your friends wisely. Choose people with similar values. Choose people with similar interests. Most importantly, choose people who make you laugh! Never underestimate the power of laughter! It's a must for a happy life!

My final bit of advice for having a happy life is to choose your life partner very carefully. Once the glow of new love wears thin or the good looks begin to fade, you'll want someone that you respect, someone you truly like as a friend, and someone that you enjoy spending time with. You'll want someone who you can work beside, doing a house or garden project. You'll want someone whose conversation you enjoy. You'll want someone that is genuinely kind, patient, and non-judgmental. And most of all, you'll want to pick someone that finds joy in life and knows how to have fun!

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