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Make Yourself Cry!

Linda Lin

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Just when you thought you had seen the most ridiculous articles online and just when you thought that it just could not get any worse, guess who pops up to win the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of article titles?

Ha! Correct. Me. What in the world, what kind of title is that for an article. First you might pause and think, uh oh, sounds like an article about sadism and or masochism. Who would want to make themselves cry? That has to be masochistic, you think. Then you think, that must just be a typo, yes, that is it, an entire title of an article that is a typo. Simpler solution here, folks. This title is an instruction, an idea, a suggestion, and at the very least, a health hint.

Make yourself cry! Do it now; do it this week and keep on doing it for the rest of your life. You need to let go of all those tears that you never shed before. And you need to let go of all those overwhelming and sad feelings inside of you and at the very least, you need to stop pretending that you are so strong. Just break down and be human and permit yourself to cry. Better than that, make yourself cry.

You go get the tissues and I will get the prescription. There is a prescription -not FDA approved, but still effective, for locked-in sadness and there is a solution to that Mr or Mrs Superman-syndrome. Make yourself cry! Here is your list of assignments that you will use to help make yourself cry. Try these on for size:

  • Mr. Hollands’ Opus, skip right to the scene where he sings Baby Boy in the auditorium or watch the entire movie
  • American Skin, a song sung By Bruce Springsteen
  • Who Am I, forgot the singer. Thinking that it is either Jars of Clay or another singer or group
  • The Star Spangled Banner, thinking that is Francis Scott Keyes but not totally sure
  • Wait, Bruce Springsteen
  • Paperclips, the beginning of this movie is slow but watch it till the end and you will have chills enough to cry

I will add more as time passes. I am in a hurry right now, running out so that list is a little incomplete but still it is a very valuable list. And the list is yours for free , so go get those movies and songs

For now, go make yourself cry so that you can be at your happiest!

Linda Lin, the experienced, expert author on subjects such as rape, rape prevention, feelings, consumerism, and all the other topics that you thought should be kept silent. Join Linda Lin as she goes through life, pen in hand, commenting on almost anything that is right in front of you, or almost everything that is written in the very fine print of all the contracts that you ever signed. Linda Lin is not an attorney, but she is an author with great common sense, college along with continued education and a knack for knowing just what everyone is thinking about. Email her anytime and you might be surprised at her very to-the-point and honest replies.


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